Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition – Mowing Down Zombies On The Xbox One | Review From IM PLAYIN

IM PLAYIN takes a look at the recently released arcade game, Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition on the Xbox One

"Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition combines two of my favourite things; zombies, and more zombies. Just when you think to yourself, “there can’t possibly be more zombies in this game”, BAM, Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition delivers hundreds upon hundreds of more zombies for you to smash into in a variety of motorized vehicles. That really is the crux of this game; you, your car and a shit tonne of zombies. But the wonderful thing about it is that Zombie Driver knows this. You’re not going to be forced to sit through mindless cut-scenes that explain the ins and outs of the zombie apocalypse. You’re not going to be made to come to grips with your character’s back story, or guilt tripped into feeling the weight of remorse from your actions or the deeper meanings behind your mindless rampage of motorised vengeance against the undead. Zombie Driver isn’t about that, it’s about mowing...

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