Dragon Ball: Xenoverse – Japan Expo Gameplay

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, the latest Dragon Ball game made by Dimps made an appearance in this year’s Japan Expo with a playable demo. In this gameplay video, we see the players fighting as Perfect Cell and Goku.

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CyrusLemont1568d ago

Damn that actually looks sick, this is very promising. I haven't enjoyed a DBZ game since BT2.

TheJacksonRGN1568d ago

Looks rather rough but that's understandable, the game is still in development. Hopefully the lock on system and camera are perfected by then.

TWB1568d ago

Is it just me or does Cell feel a bit... off ?

And awkward.

But the game already looks many times better than Battle of Z so thats a plus.

MotherLight1568d ago

Just you? Cell looks like Cell to me, other than the wonky camera angle but that could be who is playing the game as they seem like they aren't that good at it.

luis_spartano1568d ago

Really good, but I'll wait for a proper Dragon Ball PS4/XB1 game, not a cross gen one.

ShadowWolf7121568d ago

Well the primary development focus is on the current gen versions. The last gen versions will likely then just be downgraded and a bit gimped.

stripe8141568d ago

i think the poles and environment in general will be a downside here..i find it blocking the combos, never played DB game hopefully this one will be, dont get me wrong i find this game interesting

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The story is too old to be commented.