Where have all the PlayStation Vita's gone?

It's difficult to find a PlayStation Vita to buy right now, but Sony is working to "replenish" North American supplies, a representative from the company told Polygon today.

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60FramesPerSecond1566d ago

The switch to the slim model. They arent going to drop the vita

bouzebbal1565d ago

Polygon caring about Vita?
how sweet....

Jdoki1565d ago

Hmmm, there must be a way to spin this as bad news....


<Goes back to playing Virtues Last Reward, and downloading this months free PSN+ Vita titles>

DualWielding1565d ago

it' probably the same thing that happened with the playstation camera, Sony and retailers had very low expectations so stock was low and they got caught by surprise when demand was higher than expected... Unfortunately this does not necessarily means that demand for Vita's is crazy big now, it only means that original expectations were very low

IcicleTrepan1565d ago

I have a Vita myself, but I think they're probably ending it. In North America, iOS and Android are the kings of mobile.

OrangePowerz1565d ago

Mobile phone games <<<<<<<&l t;<<<< Vita and 3DS games

bouzebbal1565d ago

you prefer candy garbage to a Tearaway or Killzone? you have some weird tastes my friend.

IcicleTrepan1565d ago

no I don't. But we're talking about the masses here. Most people would rather everything be on one device. Like I said, I OWN a Vita, so I don't know why you are taking pot shots at me.

stripe8141565d ago

i feel bad about your gaming experience my friend

BillmadeAGate1565d ago

I got a vita for remote play.. its was awful.. I've tried to play watch dogs but the constant frame drop was terrible.. works decent on resogun an Injustice.

OrangePowerz1565d ago

Are you using the direct conmection?

pompous1565d ago

The frame rate drop is due to Watch_Dogs running like shit. Not remote play itself. Watch_Dogs runs like shit on everything. So how can you say remote play is awful then say it works with other games? That would mean it's not awful.

BillmadeAGate1565d ago

I said decent.. they were still choppy an laggy.. ik for sure it isn't my internet connection an im literally 1 foot away so idk its just not good

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The story is too old to be commented.