If You Haven't Tried PC Gaming, Then It's About Time You Did

Everyone loves to argue whether gaming is better on consoles or PCs, but let's be honest: it really comes down to personal preference. But, if you haven't given PC gaming a chance, you really should.

Free from the shackles of brand identity and oversight, the PC, as a platform, creates an ecosystem defined by freedom, first and foremost. It harbors innovation and experimentation, and apart from the associated cost of powerful hardware and the desire for console exclusive games, there's no reason why you shouldn't invest a little cash and take the plunge into the world of PC gaming.

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ArchangelMike1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

I play on both PC and consoles, I started as a PC gamer way back when. But I just couldn't keep up with upgrading graphics cards and motherboards every 6 - 12 months, or whatever it was back then. Now I 'm going back a few years now (maybe a decade even :) that was what really swayed me as well as the constant driver updates and incompatibility issues I kept having, when trying to run my favourite games.

I still game on my PC, but the fact that it is a 7 year old machine means that what I can run effectively is severley limited.

Now I prefer consoles, not just because of console exclusives, but because I don't have to worry about incompatibility issues, driver updates, hotfixes and other annoyances that come with PC gaming. And I wouldnt be able to afford a high end PC anyways, so I just have to make do with my console(s) of choice :)

Vegamyster1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

PC gaming doesn't have half the issues that it did 7+ years ago, there might be an issue here and there but it's not common.

bmf73641566d ago

There's more variety for people in the PC gaming world. For budget yet powerhouse systems that will last as long as you need them, AMD is a good choice for both CPU and GPU. For quality over-time, an Nvidia/Intel machine is best. I went with an AMD for my machine though, because the only Nvidia card in my budget was a 660, and that's going obsolete soon. I chose an AMD R9 280 instead. As for Intel, their price is bloated, personally.
I also own a PS4 :3

BattleAxe1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

I bought a PC with an Intel i7 920, GTX260 and 6GB of RAM back in 2009, and I just upgraded this year, only because some games require a DX11 card these days. I could have gotten away with continuing on for another year or year and a half if I had wanted to. I was playing all the latest games on high settings with that set-up.

Graphics cards and processors take you much much farther these days. I'm still using my Intel i7 920, I upgraded to 16GB of DDR3 RAM, and I upgraded to a GTX780. As long as my mobo holds out, I should be using this set-up for another 5 - 7 years.

Anon19741566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

I was in the exact same boat. I was a PC gamer for over 20 years back when there was a clear difference between the quality of games on the PC versus what was on the consoles. When people in my dorm were playing on a Sega Genesis, there was always someone in my room playing Civ II. When people were still playing GoldenEye on their N64's, I was playing Unreal and wondering what they hell they saw in that game.

But eventually it just became too much. Constant upgrades..buying new graphics cards only to find that they wouldn't run the new game's I wanted, or were incompatible with old games I loved. Constant driver upgrades. I remember I needed a special utility for switching driver profiles because certain drivers wouldn't work with certain games. More than once I bought a game (I'm looking at you, Sin) that should have run just find but wouldn't boot at all. I've never bought a console game that refused to run.

I always built my own rigs, built others for friends and family. I'd always had a console or two around but it wasn't until my PS2 and Xbox that I really became more of a console gamer than a PC gamer. Over the years I just slowly stopped bothering with PC games.

I'm sure to those that have a lot of time and money to invest, it's a helluva hobby that's quite rewarding for them, but PC gaming just hasn't been for me for some time. With two kids now, my game time is limited compared to the old days and the ease with which I can boot up and play a console game, relaxing in front of my home theater matters more to me than the slight graphical advantages PC gamers enjoy that I probably wouldn't even notice. And after 8 hours of staring at my PC, the last thing I want to do is spend my free time on it.

Diablo 3 coaxed me to try PC gaming again as I was a fan of the old games. I played about an hour one day at the start, then when I went back to play again after a month, seemingly endless upgrades, then I found my account was hacked, then I had to go through support to get my account back, then I had to install an app on my phone for security codes or some damn thing...and by the time I had the game up and running again, my hour and a half game play window was reduced to 10 minutes.

PC gaming might be better now but it simply isn't for everyone, and most of what I want to play is on consoles anyway. If I had a lot of time to game, I'd probably get into PC gaming again but with my gaming time limited I made my choice years ago and really haven't looked back.

As a console gamer, I respect PC gamers and their dedication to their hobby. It's too bad often that respect doesn't go both ways.

F4sterTh4nFTL1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

You don't have time to game, yet have time to post 7649 comments on N4G, makes sense.

Anon19741566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

Yep. I've been on this site for over six years now and have been a fairly active member of the N4G community. I like it. Had some good conversations over the years with other gamers. During my workdays when I was doing a regular office gig I'd often take my coffee breaks in front of my desk, checking gaming news as I've done for years. Helped me occupy myself while I quit smoking. Now as a game developer myself, I still like to keep informed with gaming news during the day and contribute to the N4G community. I can do that taking a few minutes out of my day and I like the little mental break it gives me from coding. Sometimes, shockingly enough, I also take some time to check Facebook or respond to personal emails!

As much as I'd like to I can't simply leave my desk and go game whenever I want. When my work day is over, I spend time with my kids and in the evenings, after they're in bed, I usually take that last hour or so of my day to actual spend some time with my wife. Funny how being an adult sometimes works like that.

But, by all means...tell me how I should be spending my time as if that somehow invalidates my opinion...

Thehyph1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

FTL: a lot of users post comments on here from work. No need in being foolish.

TekoIie1566d ago

"a lot of users post comments on here from work."

I post a fair few on the bus.

Somebody1565d ago

"If I had a lot of time to game,"

That's why I sometimes felt a bit perplexed by console fans who said that a true gamer shouldn't limit themselves to the PC and expand to consoles. It's a really flimsy excuse since having multiplatform gaming habit would only multiplies the backlog even more and as a result one of the platforms, usually the PC, will be forgotten. For a good example...darkride66's own experience- trying out more experience across multiple platforms is fine and such but in the end you have to sacrifice something.

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Somebody1566d ago

You don't have to limit yourself to a high end PC. Yes, it's strange to say that buying a high end PC as "limiting" but it really does if you consider it as the main point of PC gaming. Console fans considered that the enforced limitation of consoles is some kind of technical wonder while PC elitists are enforcing the idea that we need to buy higher end hardware.

I'm currently gaming on a laptop powered by a Geforce GTX660M, hardly a powerhouse compared to desktop hardware and I know some graphic whores out there will scoff at the thought but I'm having a blast gaming on it. Isn't that the point of it all- to have fun gaming regardless of your spec?

ITPython1566d ago

I have enough OCD in me that I would probably spend more time tweaking settings and trying to get the most out of my PC rather than just enjoying the games.

See with a console game and the non-configurable hardware, if a game has some kind of hiccup or problem, then it is universal for everybody else and there is nothing I can do about it. So I just deal with it, move on and wait for it to be patched. But if it was on my own custom PC, I would likely spend hours trying to fix the problem, possibly only to find out that it is a problem with the game, not on my end.

user56695101565d ago

most likely you will find a fix in under an hour, but atleast you didnt try to act like the rest and say consoles are perfect and it has no problems what so ever.

console gamers act like bugs dont exist on consoles when talking to pc gamers.

duplissi1565d ago

Dunno man, 6-12 months is a gross exaggeration try 3-5 years... Sure if you are so inclined you can upgrade that often, but there is no need unless you simply must have the best all the time and have deep pockets.

Compatibility issues are largely a thing of the past and driver updates are automated now.

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F4sterTh4nFTL1566d ago

I gave PC Gaming a chance in 1997 and have never looked back. I have also owned all consoles for some great exclusives but 90% of my gaming was done on PC. Right now I have a ultra high end PC and playing high fidelity games on it is just heavenly.

Rob_Ko1566d ago

I started playing on PC long long time ago (I'm over 30), but since I bought PS3 I never looked back

xJumpManx1566d ago

A Ps3 did this for you. Wow it was one of the worst consoles of the last couple decade.

60FramesPerSecond1566d ago

The resolution and fps difference from pcs to consoles is enormous

Rob_Ko1566d ago

not really, I've seen a lot of comparisons of latest games (it's a new trend in gaming media nowdays, sadly) and difference is so small, that spending a lot of money for good gaming rig isn't worth it.

60FramesPerSecond1566d ago

4k resolution at 120fps is possible only on pc, just sayin

incredibleMULK1566d ago

stop watching the comparisons on you tube. Hook up a friends pc on one of your tv inputs and switch back and forth between x1, p4, pc, p3, x360 and tell me if those differences are 'so small'.

im only talkin gtx 760 price gpus too.

duplissi1565d ago

lol those 'Comparisons' use pc resolutions that are the same or close to the consoles on purpose.

1440p, ultra wide, 4K, multi monitor... Cant do any of that on a console.

Also, 'a lot of money' has been beat like a dead horse by now on how that is simply not true. Sure, a decent gaming rig will cost a little more than a console, but it is much better comparatively. A 500 dollar pc can pack a cpu and gpu that are twice as powerful as the consoles are and can thus play games at higher resolutions and FPS. Plus you get mods, faster load times, games will FEEL better, etc.

BattleN1566d ago

Doesn't matter to me lol

uth111566d ago

How much resolution do you really need?

4K is excessive and expensive. I can't pick out
individual dots on my 1080p monitor from 3 feet a way, what do I need 4K for?

I don't.

thehobbyist1566d ago

Try having a game run in 720p next to a monitor running the game at 1080p. You'll see the difference when it's side by side.

uth111566d ago

so what? Is it worth $2000 for a 4k TV/monitor? Because it looks a little sharper?

not to mention the extra money you need to spend to have the horsepower to drive the 4k graphics at the same framerate.

not for most people

duplissi1565d ago

Larger monitors without sacrificing pixel density.

But 4k is an extreme example. You cant do 1440p, 21:9, or multi monitor gaming on a console.

My biggest gripes with consoles are how many 'Cants' there are that come with them, and how much more expensive it is overall to game on a console... paywall online, horrible sales, 60 dollar launch prices for games, etc. They are underpowered and cant do what I want them to do. so they are a waste of money.

SaturdayNightBeaver1565d ago

It also used to be lot more than just rez and fps. PC versions had more effects , better rendering techniques , textures , literally everything. not anymore. Today advantage is only rez , fps , options and controllers choice. Some games just work like crap even on top end PCs, and tbh rez barely makes those games look any better.

user56695101565d ago

i guess those effect that they disabled for watch dogs on pc to run like console versions was just res and frame rate. wasnt people saying this last gen too, now suddenly yall get the gfx we been seeing for the longest now its a difference.

you do know these gpu makers do get exclusive features on pc games, and you do new gfx effects come out on pc first right. you do know console arent doing anything new.

nice try better luck next time.
too bad consoles was late again

duplissi1565d ago

Nope, that is still true, and will only get worse as this console gen goes on. Don't use Watch Dogs as an example, that game has been proven to have been dumbed down so that the PC version didn't embarrass the console version too much.

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Eiffel1566d ago

It boggles my mind that there are people here who purposely want to deny themselves access to the thousands of exclusives and experiences they won't find elsewhere, rather leaving it up to a corporation to decide for them and remaining willfully ignorant. That's some real hardcore bias when you're limiting your own hobby.

Anon19741566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

People have to make choices with their hobbies. I'd love to have time to play a quarter of the games I want to, but I simply don't have that much time to dedicate to my hobby so I switched to consoles a decade or more ago for their ease of use. There's nothing ignorant or biased about that decision. Being over 40 now and having been a PC gamer for over 20 years my choice to switch to consoles was a decision I made from a very informed position.

It's no different than car people and truck people. Each serve a purpose and each has their own advantages, but I'm not going to claim someone is ignorant because they chose only to own trucks over cars, or that some chose to customize and others are happy to just drive them.

Edit below: Ah...gottcha. I agree. A good game is a good game, not matter what platform.

Eiffel1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

You misunderstood what I meant, it boggles my mind that there are people here who purposely with a bias toward one platform deny themselves experiences and games they won't find elsewhere. This does not extend to personal choice, you can choose whatever platform you want to play on, but if your reasoning is nothing but bias toward a brand then you're purposely denying yourself based on ignorance.

duplissi1565d ago

Dunno why you got disagrees here... Your reasoning is perfectly rational and mature IMO.

Adrian_v011566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

It's a different taste. I mainly play games for their stories, and no stories are better than in JRPGs. Unfortunately, JRPGs aren't released on PCs so yeah.

Eiffel1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

JRPGs aren't particularly my genre of choice, but to my knowledge there are quite a few available on Steam and elsewhere, most definitely indie ones you can't find on consoles(a google search does wonders). If you want to get technical you could include the PS2 and PS1 JRPG library available through emulators, better yet they're essentially remastered with better detail, frame rate and proper AA.

OldDude1566d ago

I think you need to visit Steam, otherwise these Final Fantasy games 3,7,8,11,15 etc are just a figment of my imagination. There are a plethora of JRPG's on PC. Ad games like Dark Souls 2, Resonance of Fate, Agarest, and more and you will find there are more JRPG's on PC than a console will have in a generation. Plus they are upgraded in resolution and graphics.

Adrian_v011566d ago

FF15 isn't even confirmed for pc and as far as I know Resonance of Fate is a console exclusive... And there are much more JRPGs on consoles, sorry. And they have the best of them - Shin Megami Tensei games, Persona games, Xenoblade, Tales games, Lost Odyssey, Shadow of Colossus, Shenmue etc. And the thing is those you mentioned came out on PC only recently. During the PS1 era there wasn't a good emulator to emulate them, same goes for PS2/Xbox era and PS3/Xbox360 era. I know you get good emulators in time but I don't want to wait years until they come out just so I can brag how I'm a PC gamer.

TheBoy1566d ago

If you aren't gaming on a PC by now, you're doing it wrong.

AnEwGuY1566d ago

Correction: If you aren't gaming on PC AND consoles....even if you can afford're doing it wrong.

OldDude1566d ago

Bubbles. Personally I play multiplats and PC exclusives on PC, my consoles are for exclusives only unless someone does a really crummy port. Looking at you Watchdogs!

mrmack001566d ago

If you're gaming and enjoying it on your console/pc of choice, you're doing it right.