Nintendo talks core games for Wii U, dev struggles, sales mindset, smart devices

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto, Shinya Takahashi, and Satoshi Yamato sounded off about several topics relating to Wii U and more at the company’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders a few days ago.

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60FramesPerSecond1568d ago

Wii U needs to have more sales to help third party support. this will happen at the end of this year. hopefully devs make an attempt to port games like arkham knight, battlefront, cod, and fallout

wonderfulmonkeyman1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

And every last one of those ports will have content cut, very little patch support, and they'll be poorly optimized so you'll see all manner of technical hiccups that shouldn't be there when done right.

Just like Sniper Elite V2.
Just like CoD Ghosts and Black Ops 2.
Just like so many other third party multiplat games, that were ruined by cut content, delays, and better versions coming out on everything except the Wii U.[Mass Effect Collector's Edition > ME3 on Wii U, not including game pad support]

Because the third party developers don't give a crap about fair treatment of all of their fans regardless of system.
It only matters when it's a multiplat on every system except for Wii U.
When it IS for Wii U, it's almost always a question of "Hey, what can we cut out to save some money? It's not like it matters if we cut it; they're just Wii U gamers!"

Who in their right mind would buy them when they're missing content and have less effort put into optimizing them?

How do games like that help the Wii U?

How, 60Frames?
Answer me that.
Give me a good reason why GIMPED PORTS should be supported over games as roundly supported and lovingly made as SHOVEL KNIGHT?

Give me a good, legitimate reason why Nintendo should show support to these third parties that keep feeding them shovelware.[and by shovelware, I mean when compared to their fully-supported counterparts on other systems, like CoD on PS4]

Give me a reason why Nintendo should not, instead, try to help cultivate indies like Yacht Club and Shin-en and the people behind Mighty No. 9, and raise THEM up into AAA third party status, instead of supporting the ones that are currently treating the company so poorly.

Go on.
Give me some reasons.
In fact, you know what?
Not just you.

Anyone out there who's reading this.

Please, PLEASE, do try and give me reasons why gimped ports should be supported by MY hard-earned dollar, let alone appreciated, when I could easily just get them on PC or another console, along with ALL of their content and GUARANTEED full support from their developers as far as patches and optimization goes, while I wait for better games from smaller developers.

Do try to convince me.
I want to see if any of you even CAN...

wonderfulmonkeyman1567d ago

And here I see two disagrees already.
I'm just going to assume that the disagreeing people can't form a coherent reason why my money should leave my wallet for gimped ports.

Dannycr1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

There is absolutely no reason to support bad and lazy ports of games, that is why you purchase a console or PC where you can get the experience as it was intended. Unless you had some sort of hatred towards the competition and don't want to own any of them. And let's be honest, if you were able to buy a WiiU, you are most likely able to buy a PS4 and now a Xbox One, so what stops people from getting multiple consoles (aside from obvious money factors).

And since we are asking questions: care to answer why other 3rd party games that were great and had not problems whatsoever barely had any sales? This "poor ports" its a consequence of poor consumer support of other games. Examples? Zack and Wiki, Muramasa, Sin & Punishment: Star Successor, etc

The best selling Wii games are Nintendo games, party games and a few other obvious 3rd party games like COD, Resident Evil 4, Rayman: Raving Rabbids, etc. With this in mind... why should 3rd party devs risk their money by porting it to a Nintendo console?

Having a WiiU and a PS4 at this moment, why would I buy Witcher 3 on WiiU knowing that it will never be the best version? Devs are pushing technology and graphics forward. Going backwards is a waste of resources that Nintendo consumers proved not to support and bear no earnings for the developers.

This is a legitimate question, btw, I'm not trolling nor hating on Nintendo.

wonderfulmonkeyman1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

@ Danny:

First off, I have a gaming PC now, so that's one down.

Oh, and I gave your post an agree.

Second, the reasons why those games didn't do well on the Wii, was likely because of the stigma of being "a casuals system" that they earned with games like Wii Fit.

Most of the core gamers immediately gave up on even giving the system a CHANCE to impress them, regardless of the games it got.

That can't be blamed on the games themselves, because those were excellent.
It's on the fault of the stigma and the core gamers that didn't want to look past said stigma.

Add that on top of low advertisement for them on top of the fact that smaller third parties made so many shovelware titles that they practically drowned out the releases of the bigger, better titles from bigger-name third parties for the system, and you've basically got your reasons.

The Wii U is a chance at a fresh start, though, but it's not being taken.
Devs like Platinum games and Shin-en are proving that the graphical and tech difference between Wii U and the others isn't big enough to hinder the system from hosting some truly enjoyable experiences.

The truth of the matter is, after the stigma of the Wii generation and the slow start of the Wii U due to poor advertisement and a lack of first party to push the install base early, third party developers have simply decided to NOT TRY.

They could easily have supported all of their more recent attempts at multiplats with all the content others get.
They could have even gone the extra step of doing what happened during the Gamecube days with Soul Calibur 2, by making exclusive content for each and every system their multiplats came to.

I would have bought every single one of them with just equal support, but for exclusive content per system?
I would have DOUBLE-DIPPED on a lot of games.

That's what third parties seem to be missing, here; the right exclusive content has the potential to make people want more than one version of their games, and it adds value to versions that would normally be overlooked with just the standard content support, further increasing the chance that they'd make more money off of all three big-name systems, instead of just two.

But they have to start somewhere, and that somewhere has to be with equal content treatment.
They can't excuse that, because it's literally the biggest source of the Wii U's third party relationship problems this generation.

Point blank: Gimped ports cannot be done if third parties want to be profitable on the Wii U going forwards.
Third parties need to be the ones to step up and say "we won't do that anymore", before they'll regain the trust of Wii U gamers enough to at least give their multiplats a chance.

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

uh no what it do need is
Dragon Quest X
More Japanese Exclusives

NES and SNES and Nintendo handheld success were because of Japanese exclusives and support not western.

GC best-selling Soul Calibur II, Tales game(Symphonia) til Xilla came, Resident Evil 4 and more.

lashes2ashes1567d ago

Arkham knight would need to be downgraded to run on wii. Don't know about the current battlefront and fallout is almost no chance on being ported. Perhaps a future fallout game but not any that have already been released.

ChickeyCantor1567d ago

"Wii U needs to have more sales to help third party support."

Wii U needs more third party support to fell more games.

Vicious circle isn't it?

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