Gamedaily Zubo Hands-on Exclusive

Michael Mullen reports:

''Two years ago, EA tried an experiment. Ponder a concept for about six months and see if they could make a game out of it. The team, comprised of Rob (exec producer), Lydia (audio), Dom (designer) and Jacques (art) were asked to create a new children's concept for the mainstream. Of course, success was always the goal and, ultimately, to turn that concept into a game. To make it harder, the team, who had limited experience with handheld games, made the bold decision to create the game for a single platform, the Nintendo DS. The result, called Zubo, lives up to the experiment's goals but only gamers will decide its success.

Early in the experiment, Jacques started creating these little characters comprised of a head, a torso, arms, legs and big eyes. The result was somewhere between Japanese anime meets French comic books meets a Gorillaz video meets Kubrick figurines.''

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