Develop 100: PS4 named best console by devs

The PS4 was named as the top console amongst developers in the newly published Develop 100 Tech List.

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NextLevel1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

Of course it did, the PS4 wins every head to head battle.

Hardware sales, software sales, average game rating, media interest, specs, games being developed, controller design, etc.

I love it.

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Eonjay1567d ago

Thats great and all but I think its more appropriate to congratulate the team that engineered it. Who knew that a console created by a life long developer would be... well, loved by developers? :)

deafdani1567d ago

Average game rating and games being developed are VERY debatable.

Everything else, yes.

randomass1711567d ago

Thing is, this was based on developer perception of PS4 versus other consoles as oppose to the quality of the games. But I agree that the actual library of any console, not just PS4 is debatable when comparing it to others.

ZombieKiller1567d ago

Ya know at this point, that is the opinion I trust the most (besides my own of course)

The devs.
They make the games right? If not Sony, then in devs I trust. I wonder how the mindless trolls will get around that one.

Volkama1567d ago

Comprehensively beaten by the Rasberry Pi though.

Fluchtpunkt1567d ago

@ next level:

You love it?....lets see...

Raspberry PI on 1.
PS 4 on 5.
Xbox One on 7.

Wow. Impressive. Would you have posted it when Xbox was on 5?
I doubt it....

Magicite1567d ago

Although You sound like a fanboy, You actually state the truth, so I dont get why the disagrees.

Breakman921567d ago

Average game rating? Number 1 game on ps4 on metacritic is flower? Well enjoy playing your stupid indies then. We will enjoy the best exclusives at holiday 2014 and the year 2015 :)

medman1567d ago

The poor fool knows not of which he speaks. exclusives...LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

KinjoTakemura1567d ago

Let's go down the list of Xbox One "exclusives" with their average ratings from metacritic included.

Titanfall - 86

Forza 5 - 80

kinect sports rivals - 61 (Lame)

Dead Rising 3 - 78

Ryse - 60 (Lame)

Zumba Fitness World Party - 73

Fighter Within - 23 (Utterly worthless)

Out of seven games only 2 can be labeled very good, 2 others can be labeled decent and the other 3 are definitely ready for Xbox Live Gold free games, because they SUCK!!!!

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IRetrouk1567d ago

Wouldnt expect anything less, sony really did put a lot of effort into making the ps4 robust and dev friendly.

MightyNoX1567d ago

Frickin GameMaker has a plug-in for the PS4. GAMEMAKER! Cerny making the PS4 so easy to code for is genius.

IRetrouk1567d ago

I will be honest, I didnt know what game maker was untill now, seems very handy for non coders. Sony really are on the ball this gen.

Omran1567d ago

I Used game maker before one month to create
a game for my project in College !

thank you sony, I created Flappy Bird Clone xD
it is very easy to learn !

congrats to sony for the honor of wining this

amiga-man1567d ago

It was developed by a developer for developers, so hardly surprising

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

Well it does make sense since it is a more advanced piece of hardware

akaFullMetal1567d ago

With it's ease of development, I'm not too surprised.

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