Forza Horizon 2′s Kinect feature is an AI assistant called ANNA

Forza Horizon 2 developer Playground Games didn’t really discuss the racer’s Kinect features at E3 2014 last month, but we now know that it’ll include a Kinect-enabled personal assistant called ANNA.

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Ksar1567d ago

Verbally setting destination points? Opening the map, changing radio stations?

I'm down.

1567d ago
ghostface91567d ago

sounds awesome if only it were cortona

Jide1567d ago

FH2 is the next big thang in racing.
Open world- check
Voice Assistant- check
Seamless online- check
Beautiful vistas- check
Insane Graphics- check
Weather effects- check
And more
Hot damn!
Day Uno fo'sho

mcstorm1567d ago

Sounds good to me cant wait to get my hands on this game think its going to be my game of the year.

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