15 New Project CARS Screenshots Arrive

VRFocus - Following yesterday’s announcement that Bandai Namco Games would be distributing the virtual reality (VR) compatible Project CARS worldwide, developer Slightly Mad Studios has released no less than 15 brand new screenshots for the racing title. Each shot was taken directly from in-game and can be seen below. The title is set to arrive with full support for the Oculus Rift VR headset on PC and has plans for Project Morpheus support on PlayStation 4. 15 New Project CARS Screenshots Arrive

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Salta_nelas1620d ago

Absolutely lovely shots!
Driveclub takes the cake for track details, light and effects but this has even better cars i think.
Both will keep my racing vein busy for a long while!

Destrania1620d ago

A lot of options for racing fans this Fall. Can't wait.

scotmacb1620d ago

For cars being part of the background and blending in forza 5 has the top spot the project cars models use sharper gfx more detailed but they look stuck on the screen gt was bad for it to must be just down to the forza engine amazing they did not hold back with car detail

daver61620d ago

Cant see it looking this good on the console version