Why are we Holding back Women as Professional Gamers?

In the world of professional video games, those with a swift mind and a faster finger can find their way from a mediocre lifestyle to that of a millionaire within a year. While professional sports in general will separate men and women on the basis of physicality differences – a real genetic variance, why are we separating women from the men in virtual environments?

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nope1111658d ago

I didn't know genders are separated for gaming tournaments. That's pretty lame.

Excellent read.

JoeIsMad1658d ago

It's VERY lame. I hope this gets the attention it deserves.

Stevefantisy1658d ago

Wow mind blown. I would have never guessed this was going on.

Jacktrauma1658d ago

Lol well it certainly has gotten global attention. Looking forward to seeing how this works out. There are a lot of excellent girl gamers out there.

DasTier1658d ago

Surely you could agree the flip side of this and show that separate tournaments is actually better.

It could certainly be a much more lucrative business model, considering the opportunity for a "battle of the sexes" competition every so often.

ROQFrost1658d ago

I have a dream, that men and women can no scope, last hit and teabag one another in any tournament! Can I get an Amen! Sing it! I feel the spirit of Master Chief! WHOOO!