Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Early Trailer

Just an early trailer released by Visionary Realms Inc. showing us a glimpse of the surface world and some of its treacherous underground caverns.

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Hi3i1621d ago

Dont see much here....

Stevefantisy1621d ago

Its in super early stages so your not going to see much but what they have so far world wise looks good.

JoeIsMad1621d ago

All I see is polygons :(

Graphics don't mean game play, I guess.

Stevefantisy1621d ago

True graphics don't mean game play, based off the past of the team so far there is a lot of talent here and I can only imagine the potential that this game has.

ROQFrost1620d ago

Yes but can he hold Top Lane?

Stevefantisy1620d ago

Lame? I would not go so far as to say Everquest is lame with there what 18 or 20 expansions and plenty of people subbed after all these years.