20 Best Open World Video Games Ever Made

GamingSoFar: Video games are playing for fun or relieve stress but the open-world games can make your fun double or may be much more. Open-world games allow you to do what you want, go where you want in open-ended world. Just look back and find past’s open-world game, it’s interesting. Here are the best 20 open world video games ever made. What’s your favorite?

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corvusmd1666d ago

Very solid list. I haven't played all these games (i.e. this Zelda or Dark Souls), but of the games on this list I agree with most of them, there are a few that I would have replaced.
My List would be more like...(in no real particular order as far as preference)
1. Skyrim
2. Oblivion
3. Morrowwind
4. Fallout 3
5. Fallout NV
6. Just Cause 2
7. Crackdown
8. Mercenaries 2
9. Watch Dogs
10. Borderlands 2
11. Infamous 1
12. Star Wars Galaxies (it was flawed, but my first real experience with open-world MMORPG)
13. Alliance (old school MMO space-fighter, this one might not count so I'll add another one)
14. Batman Arkham City
15. Far Cry 2/3 (3 was better but 2 deserves a mention)
16. AC4/Brotherhood
17. Sleeping Dogs
18. Red Dead Redemption
19. GTA3/4/5
20. Fable 1/2
21. State of Decay

vishmarx1666d ago

for some reason i dont consider inFamous an OPEN WORLD GAME,
its a really good series, but take out our superhero and the world itself is largely unremarkable

and not in that particular order,i agree with most of the others.
JC2 is my no1
FC3 and skyrim are up there too

bouzebbal1666d ago

I think FFXII deserves a solid place there.

vishmarx1666d ago

great,i guess ill be making a record of most undisputed disagrees.
though i still dont know how people find infamous's city interesting minus the superpowers stuff.
i thought one of the games main criticizms was the bland lifeless city.
interaction with world is bare minimum ouside absorbing,
99% of NPC's are nobodys.
the city just lacks any kind of personality

ColeMacGrath1665d ago

Hey, I still can punch people without my super powers you know.

Rimeskeem1666d ago

good list.

Only complaint is that Fallout 3 instead of Fallout: New Vegas

SolidGear31666d ago

Fallout 3 / New Vegas, Red Dead Redemption, Far Cry, Crysis, L.A. Noire, Dead Island 1 / Riptide, Borderlands 1 / 2, Mafia II, Watch Dogs, Mass Effect series .. that'd be about it for me

Pogmathoin1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Enemy respawns was a pain in Borderlands. Do not forget Saints Row either.

LoveSpuds1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

a title that received very little love but one that I had an awesome time with was The Saboteur. I really did enjoy that title.

vishmarx1666d ago

yeah,hugely underrated.
better game than half of those on that list

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The story is too old to be commented.