The Most Overlooked Feature on the Wii U is Also The Best

N247 Writes: I was recently having a chat with a good friend of mine who also happens to own his Wii U since launch. I won’t mention any names so “this friend” doesn’t get slammed for not knowing something that every Wii U owner knows…or at least that was my assumption; I assumed that every Wii U owner knew one very important feature about the console.

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techologie1567d ago

I actually didnt know this. How long has this update been out? I feel like ive been living under a rock

Chupa-Chupa1567d ago

Well the update only added gamepad support. Wii games have been supported since day one.

bouzebbal1567d ago

there is a big Wii menu channel on screen i dont understand how people didn't notice that.
My only problem with Wii U is the range of gamepad.
I am unable to play some Wii U from my bed on gamepad because the console is in the living room, it loses connection everytime.
i wish a future update would improve that range

ShinMaster1567d ago

But I already have a Wii and it also plays GameCube games.

Backwards compatibility shouldn't be a stand out feature for the Wii U. The Wii U should be able to stand on its own.

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Benjaminkno1567d ago

This feature actually convinced me to go back and get some of the old Wii games I never played, like Zak and Wiki and Okami. I also went ahead and bought the MP Trilogy, Xenoblade, Boom Blox, Punch Out, and Red Steel 2, which are all incredible games.

Anybody who says Wii didn't have any good games just didn't like Nintendo.

As many mistakes as Nintendo made releasing Wii U, they certainly are doing many things right.

If only it played GameCube games....

mydyingparadiselost1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

Zak and Wiki is such an awesome take on point and click adventures. You did yourself a great service picking up those games. House of the Dead Overkill, Sin and Punishment 2, the Trauma games (Center and Team), Sam and Max and Tatsunoko vs Capcom are all worth it as well.

GoPanthers9991567d ago

Tatsunoku vs Capcom is an overlooked gem. Outside of Smash Brothers, T vs C is my kids favorite fighting game. Simplified controls and a great character roster.

Venox20081567d ago

Here are some more great Wii games:

Kororinpa, Marble saga: kororinpa, excitebots, wario land: shake it, metroid: other m, sonic colors, bit.trip saga (just amazing game collection), boom blox 1 & 2, warioware: smooth moves, zelda: skyward sword & twiligh princess, disaster: day of crisis, deadly creatures, muramasa, munchables, resident evil archives (2 gamecube proper resident evils), silent hill: shattered memories, elebits (eledees), madworld, super paper mario and many more..

admiralvic1567d ago

It really just sounds like your friend was out of the know, since this is a widely known and often discussed feature of the Wii U.

Chupa-Chupa1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

well, I think the problem is the lack of advertising for this feature. Nintendo doesn't advertise it what so ever. It would be a great marketing strategy..the only current gen gaming console with true backward compatibility.

And that's just one feature, the Wii U has lots of neat features.

mydyingparadiselost1567d ago

I honestly think they're afraid to advertise it after the whole "it's just a wii with a tablet add on" fiasco. Probably just trying to make sure the average custoumer isn't more confused than usual.

Chrischi19881567d ago

Yeah, if they advertise it with playing original Wii games, then even more would think, it is just a peripheral.

Nodoze1567d ago

I agree it should be advertised. They should have just called it the WiiHD to remove any confusion. They should also advertise that all of the wii peripherals work on the WiiHD as well. This extends the value of the investment made in the wii, while providing new experiences in HD.

Reggie was more concerned with making videos of himself. It is not to late to put together an 'educational' advertisement.

WiiU is a very poor name (so is Amiibo but that is another story) it should have been simply WiiHD. EVERYONE would understand what it was then.


"WiiHD" woudl still cause confusion, as the same Wii now high definition capable.

It's not rocket science really, just name the thing Wii 2 if you gotta use "Wii" in it. Otherwise, do as they usually did and call it something else (a more diverging design could had helped too, it actually looks like the Wii, raising the confusion even further).

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illmatic1567d ago

I know people who still don't know that the Wii U has this feature. May God bless their souls.

60FramesPerSecond1567d ago

Wish they had gamecube support. gamecube games.

Chupa-Chupa1567d ago

me too, but I think that Nintendo is going to release a few more Gamecube HD remakes soon. They have to. Wind waker HD remake was brilliant.

Nodoze1567d ago

Would love that. Wave race, luigis mansion, sunshine, but what I am hoping for is an HD Metroid Prime. That would be sublime.

DualWielding1567d ago

I really don't see the point of playing Wii games on the gamepad if you still need to use Wii Motes to play the games..... who wants to put that tiny screen and then walk away to waggle at a distance

Concertoine1567d ago

Well i just set it in the stand and play stuff like Super mario RPG and REmake with a classic controller. I dont think playing waggly games or ones that require you to point at the sensor bar are ideal.

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