If The Vita Dies, It'll Be an Absolute Tragedy

It appears the PlayStation Vita is on its deathbed and if that's true, core gamers everywhere should be greatly disappointed.

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SpiralTear2440d ago

"It's sad because if the Vita disappears, it was perhaps the first piece of video game hardware that died because it was too good."

The hardware wasn't the problem at all. The system itself is near flawless, in my opinion. The software and marketing was the stuff that wrecked the Vita.

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LOGICWINS2440d ago

Sony would need to do something EXTREME at Gamescom to reignite Vita sales.

MrSwankSinatra2440d ago

Seriously doubt that would ever happen. Sony squandered any potential the vita actually had. I mean they made it pretty apparent that the vita is more of a peripheral than an actual portable gaming system. Sony should have just made a gamepad-like controller for the PS4 and called it a day.

randomass1712440d ago

I think Sony is just riding the gravy train the PS4 is providing. Can't really blame them for following the money maker. But more Vita support would have been much appreciated, not less.

TheWackyMan2440d ago

The only thing that was inherently wrong was the proprietary memory sticks. They were just an added (expensive) cost. The Vita is FAR superior to the 3ds though with the way bigger and higher resoluion screen, greater graphical output, way better media apps, snappy main menu. It just lacks popularity and games, and it's a damn shame.

Spinal2440d ago

And everything you listed for the Vita is what makes it fail. Games are the most important thing for a portable system. No one cares about graphics and hardware if they ain't got simple easy to play games that don't require too much time. It's a handheld it's not meant to be a console.

That's why mario kart smash bros an games like that is gonna make me buy a 3ds this year. I got my ps4 and I have no intentions of ever getting a vita.

meetajhu2440d ago

Vita died coz it had no homebrew and piracy.

caseh2440d ago

It didn't have enough quality software to justify hacking it, which is honestly a shame.

zep2440d ago

quality and quantity is has both from ps1 to psp game libraries and some new ones im enjoying ys right now i should have bought it when it was on sale at psn though ;( saves me a few bucks

itBourne2440d ago

I love my vita, and ps+ makes it a freaking insanely good deal. The problem lies in mobile devises, Sony's piss poor marketing (as usual), and the fact that Nintendo has had a stronghold on the handheld market since the beginning of time lol.

Handhelds are more for kids (I almost never use either of mine as I have grown older) and parents know mario and pokemon.

iamnsuperman2440d ago

It is pokemon really that has secured Nintendo's position in the handheld market. Also, like you said, handheld sell much better to a younger crowd (and I think I read somewhere a more female crowd but that was a while ago and so may not be as true anymore).

I think people do underestimate the impact mobile gaming has had on the handheld market. The 3DS is not going to sell similar figures to the DS and if we go back to when both these systems launched, they both struggled to sell at 250.

itBourne2440d ago

I think the handheld market is more for females, I know my mom even plays ds/3ds, as well as my nieces. Not saying it is that way everywhere but from what I know that is a factor.

Team_Litt2440d ago

*knock* *knock* Somebody at the door for you Vita http://thumb7.shutterstock....

brish2440d ago

I have a vita in my home but it belongs to someone who almost never plays games.

If the vita supported more than one psn account I would have bought games for it.

The DRM killed it for me. One vita per account is just ridiculous.

Magicite2440d ago

WiiU has about the same problem (or had?)

sanosukegtr1232440d ago

Why can't it be like the psp but better, lower the memory card prices cuz to pay $60 for a small piece of plastic is crazy. I could buy a couple of games for $60. There are a couple of decent games for the vita, but if we receive a game like grand theft auto for the vita that would be awesome. Build from ground up. Oh yeah.

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60FramesPerSecond2440d ago

It will be the end of true handheld gaming. At least the dream of having power in a handheld.

PSNintyGamer2440d ago

Can you please explain to me what is True HandHeld Gaming?

60FramesPerSecond2440d ago

the kind that tries to emulate a full console experience

PSNintyGamer2440d ago

@60FramesPerSecond I don't Understand your logic. HandHeld s have always been about short, light, experiences. Neither Nintendo nor any of it's previous competitors advertised their handheld as emulating a console experience

lameguy2440d ago


"Power" in a handheld is there today on high-end phones, and even more is coming. Did you see the latest UE 4 trailer on upcoming hardware?

The only thing lacking on a phone is the controls. I wouldn't lament the power, I would lament losing controls...

PSNintyGamer2440d ago

Just gonna add my two cents. PSP sold about more than half the amount of the Original DS. Most DS Users also owned a PSP because they complimented each other. The Way things are looking right now, I don't see the Vita selling more than half of the 3ds Sales. Maybe Sony should try persuading 3DS Users to get a Vita.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

PSP mostly sold off of the multimedia and hacking capability. GTA did help as well as PS1 classics.

DanielGearSolid2440d ago

Minecraft Bundle

Co develop Rdr or Gta spin off

Co develop a final fantasy spin off with square

Advertise the the games above(switch R* game with Vita Pets or Lego anything), on Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, etc.

Vita is saved

MrSec842440d ago

Don't forget dropping the price of the memory cards in line with SD card prices.

A Gran Turismo made for Vita.
Revive old Sony IPs, with exclusive games for Vita.

Inzo2440d ago

Another case of jumping the gun.

BattleAxe2440d ago

Another case of blind hope.

Spotie2440d ago

What's blind about it? Plenty of games on the system, plenty to come, and entirely too much functionality to discount.

As someone below said, how could it possibly die when it's so important to the fastest selling console in history?

Inception2440d ago

Yeah, when Freedom Wars just released in japan. The game sells good and gave some boost for Vita.

But we knew how the majority of gaming journalist act this days :/

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2440d ago

that Japan. Vita fine there. Here in the west that a different story.

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