Guacamelee! Super Turbo Champion Edition Review

GR - Everybody's favorite virtual Luchador Metroid-vania hero, Juan, is back to save the day! Again!

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ftwrthtx1567d ago

Great review for a great game.

JonnyBigBoss1567d ago

I'm about 50% through the game right now. It's a great title!

n4rc1567d ago

Man.. Everyone seems to like this game

From what I saw of it, it looks like a crappy game I would have played 20 years ago... Didn't even want to bother downloading it, free or not.. It looks that bad Lol

But maybe I'm too quick to judge..

JCOLE131951567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

Give it a try man. If this many people like it, including myself, then you will most likely too! But if you don't, hey that's fine too. :)

n4rc1567d ago

For sure.. Price is right I guess haha

Just funny how none of it appealed to me at first glance and now I'm second guessing my own opinion Lol

Still looks stupid to be honest but you guys have convinced me.. I will give it a shot

deafdani1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

"It looks bad"?

So, let me guess. Are you accustomed to playing only AAA games, made with heavy budgets, and intrincate 3D graphic engines? Have you ever played an indie game at all?

Because as it stands now, your comment looks like a really inexperienced one and very closed-minded. :/

SideNote1565d ago

Yeah defo try it. I thought exactly like you. This game has alot of charm and playability.

urwifeminder1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

Its like a crappy game I have played 20 years ago, played for about 40 mins don't think I will bother again price is right I give it 2 out of 10.