What Nintendo games deserve the Theaterhythm Final Fantasy Treatment? - 8 Bit Forward

Theaterhythm Final Fantasy, and its sequel, Curtain Call, both bring the ever popular Final Fantasy series to the 3DS, through the medium of a music game. These games let (or will let, as Curtain Call is not released in the West) players relive the best moments of every game through cutscenes along with the most memorable songs from the franchise. For a game with such a wide variety of games, and a memorable soundtrack, this music game is thriving well on the 3DS console, and it follows to reason that other games may benefit from this treatment.
While Nintendo has no right to the Theaterhythm series, they can always make their own games in the same vein; and it certainly has a large selection of games to choose from. Below, we outline our prime canidates to recieve this treatment, based soley on our opinions and speculation.

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