TLOU: Remastered PS4 Was Not Showcased At Any French Event, Smoke Bomb Cloud Hidden Effect & More

Some fresh details regarding The Last of Us: Remastered for Playstation 4 has been shared by developers at Naughty Dog. The details are related to usage of smoke bomb cloud, whether or not game has gone gold, rumored French event, 60 FPS for both single-player and multiplayer with no drop.

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SwiftArsonist1571d ago

not gonna lie, its crazy they havent shown decent gameplay footage.

devileyed1571d ago

I agree. I love the game and always will. I am starting to wonder if it's not being shown for a specific reason.

Prime1571571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

I think it's because the most common way to view gameplay would be streaming... and streaming would only be 720p/30fps. A direct download like Killzone did would be nice, but I think too many people are too lazy/not savvy enough to get the right media player.

Just my stance on it; glad you can't steam it because it would take a negative effect due to ignorance.

Edit: I'm not glad I can't see it, I'm just glad I don't have to deal with all the trolls and idiots...

Eonjay1571d ago

They are doing soft rollouts on 60FPS videos on Youtube... they only have 3 available. And for some reason, even though the fluidity is there, they have a pixelation issue they need to work out. The "not do it justice" came as after a comment about Youtube allowing 60FPS. I wonder if this was a response to this. The current videos include Titanfall and Battlefield Hardline

fenome1570d ago


It's because Youtubes videos are still compressed. It's a huge improvement, but still not as good as the real thing.

Dirtnapstor1571d ago

I second that. I want to support ND and purchase the remastered edition, but in reality, if the gameplay visuals aren't vastly different enough (for me) from the PS3 version, I'll wait until the price drops. Don't mind playing my PS3 at all.

LamerTamer1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

They say that video won't do it justice. That makes me think that it is the same looking game with very similar textures and lighting etc. The only difference being 1080p and 60fps framerate which doesn't come over well on compressed youtube videos. Many would see the video and comment that it looks basically the same as it did on the PS3 and derail the hype train.

Now if the graphics were greatly upgraded you would see the difference on a video and it would do it justice, and they would show it to build more hype. That is why I said before that I would have rather had 1080p and 30 fps but with many more graphical enhancements. That would have added more to the immersion. It is a more slower paced story driven game, not an online dudebro twitch shooter that benefits most from 60 fps.

I will wait for the reviews.

That said the remaster of this game on PS4 is marketing genius, especially the PS4 TLOU bundle. Why? because there are millions of last gen owners that haven't made the jump to current gen. If Sony could poach allot of the xbox 360 owners on the fence about which new console to buy it would be a big win.

xX1NORM1Xx1571d ago

YouTube is promoting games with their new 60fps videos surely the lat of is can get the same treatment

GarrusVakarian1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

I agree, it is getting awfully close to release now. They at least should give us some direct-feed screenshots.

I can understand them not wanting to release YouTube footage, due to the compression and the fact that they only run at 30fps (with the exception of three videos that support 60fps playback). Then there's the option of using Gamersyde for 60fps gameplay with much less compression...which is all well and good, but Gamersyde isn't even a fraction as popular as YouTube, it would get hardly any coverage, and it would only get copied from there and put onto YouTube anyway, defeating the purpose of bypassing YouTube in the first place.

They're in a tough spot. They obviously want people to see it...but they don't want people to see it in anything less than it's truest form, i can understand that. I wouldn't want someone to see something i had worked my balls off on if it wasn't truly representative of how it looks in person.

Like i said, i think direct-feed screenshots are their best bet for now.

uth111571d ago

maybe saving it for closer to release?

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GearSkiN1571d ago

i know all you get is update twitter, blog, etc news... im waiting on the actual gameplay comparison.

gamerfan09091571d ago

It is weird that they haven't shown it off at least on the floor at E3. I don't expect it to be this grand new telling of the game anyway. It'll be the great game TLOU with better graphics. Probably on par with the Definitive edition tomb raider graphics or maybe a little bit above that. I think this game is marketed towards people that didn't play the first game anyway.

objdadon1571d ago

I don't need to see anything from naughty dog! I don't trust many developers but I damn sure trust them! Until or unless they dissapoint me, there's no reason not to.

DanielGearSolid1571d ago

I'm glad they're pushing it to drop no frames, but.... They shouldve let the game speak for itself

Digital Foundry is gonna salivate for 59fps, not to mention Xbox fanboys

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