Why Some Men Opt To Play As Women When Given The Option

When it comes to picking a male or female avatar, some gamers prefer the “odd” choice of picking the “softer” and “gentler” gender. Gamemoir's Victor explains why he usually selects a woman character when given a choice.

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randomass1713138d ago

This article makes some silly points and some unnecessarily loose jabs at Ubisoft that don't strengthen them very much. I too prefer playing as women, but it's because I have a preference for female protagonists. That's not to say female main characters automatically take precedence over male ones. The character has to be likable or interesting. But since I'm more drawn to women characters, I tend to pick playing as a woman if given the option. It's a preference that needs little explanation other than "Oh I like this a little more."

Volkama3138d ago

In games that let you create a character a lot of people immediately try to make a representation of themselves (or what they want to be).

But that gets tiresome, especially when you come to the inevitable conclusion that you cannot create a good representation of yourself.

Then you start to make characters that have no connection to you, or perhaps are delibarately different from you. I play as women, old men, monsters, dwarves, whatever. I very rarely choose to make a strapping atheletic young man like myself :)

randomass1713138d ago

I did that a lot when I was younger, but nowadays I like playing as a girl because the fantasy is more fun than the reality.

Volkama3138d ago

Hey man, you can play as a girl in reality if you want. I'm not here to judge you!

mrpsychoticstalker3138d ago

Because they probably need a girlfriend. Kidding Kidding. on some games the women characters are more agile.

sinncross3138d ago

I agree with this. I tend to play as characters who Agility is better overall and it just so happens that games (a least a few years ago) tended to make the women the agile characters.

Bhuahahaha3138d ago

not only that

chicks with big sword wacking on something looks [email protected]

Neixus3138d ago

No, that looks pretty stupid.

I'm rocking male characters when going melee, while going female characters when i'm a caster / ranged

Az1mov3138d ago

I'd rather stare at a sexy pair of ass of a female character that I fantasised about than looking at a man avatar's back through the whole game. and I'm married, and no I'm not a frustrated teenager. My red haired female shepard looked gorgeous though :D

mhunterjr3138d ago

I usually pick whichever is the better character model. In TitanFall, for example, I exclusively pick women, because the male models look overly bulky given how nimble they are supposed to be...

Iltapalanyymi3138d ago

i tend to play as a grill every time when given the option. but for some reason i did not do it with mass effect gaems.

King_of_Nothing3138d ago

Different strokes I guess, I personally think its sad that devs feel the need to provide grills as a third option along side male and female

Bassmint3138d ago

I play as a grill every time too. Sizzling hot burgers and sausages, hell yeah!

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