Microsoft Japan Held its Yearly Management Policy Press Conference

A report on Microsoft Japan's management policy press conference held in Tokyo.

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mrpsychoticstalker1573d ago

"In attracting customers than expected, fans of Xbox gathered in Tokyo, "Thank you for selling in Japan", voice to thank you, "I have been waiting the release of Japan"

Damn, I'm glad The Xbox one has demand in Tokyo.

Aldous_Snow1573d ago

So your saying only one person (fan) turned up in Tokyo? Sounds about right. Holla Holla Holla

60FramesPerSecond1573d ago

Hopefully Xbox One sells well in japan. More competeition is always good

kingdom181573d ago

That's the way I look at it if they are successful, more adaption of consoles, more competition, more JRPGs on consoles, it's a win win to me.

kingdom181573d ago

Is there something wrong with me for the fact that I'm giggling a little at the "yearly meetings" part? I'm sorry they just did so bad in Japan with the 360 it made me chuckle, omfsm, please stop I still am. I really do hope that the Xbox One is successful in some way in Japan, in all seriousness as more adaption of consoles means more competition which means more JRPGs on consoles.

KonsoruMasuta1573d ago

I don't see why you would giggle. You do know that Microsoft Japan handles more than Xbox, right? They are tasked with marketing all of Microsoft's products that are released in the region. Xbox is just one of the many things they talk about during these meetings.

kingdom181573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

I'm sorry I just giggled when I thought about that, didn't think beyond it. *I was thinking in the same line of thought as Nintendo's recent conference, but your right now that I put more thought into it.

FarEastOrient1573d ago

The only way Microsoft can make a huge impact in Japan is through the creation of a great cellphone. Since Microsoft doesn't make any other handheld gaming device and the Surface isn't gaining any ground.

Mystogan1573d ago

The surface and other windows 8 tablets are gaining ground rapidly in Japan. Thanks to a popular game that you can only play on Windows. Don't remember the name of it though.

FarEastOrient1573d ago

Kantai Collection

It actually works on anything that does Macromedia Flash properly. Go for a battleship and skip the destroyer ^_^

GusBricker1573d ago

They had cake! **** yeah!

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