PS Vita No Longer Available at Major Retailers

Hardcore Gamer: Not only was the PS Vita almost completely absent from Sony's E3 showing, but now seems to be absent from major U.S. retailers as well.

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iDadio1572d ago

Its a shame really as it really is a great piece of kit, it just never got the games to kick it off like a monster hunter.

skulz71572d ago

Yep they should have kicked it off with monster hunter, an infamous title, a kingdom hearts title etc etc Uncharted was a great launch title.

iDadio1572d ago

I really enjoyed Gravity Rush and Infamous but it just wasn't enough to persuade people to become early adopters.

A MH game would of single handedly sold hundreds of thousands of units in Asia and maybe that would of had a knock on effect for game support and interest.

GrandpaSnake1572d ago

yeah you know whats up, they got a little push with some original ip's but people ignore them. They main reason why the 3ds does so well is mainly because it has almost 3 of these games, monster hunter, pokemon, and mario. If they would of released a monster hunter a brand new one as a launch tittle im pretty sure it would of exploded in popularity.

Mr_Writer851571d ago

Nintendo paid for MH exclusivity.

jujubee881571d ago

@MR_Writer85: I also wouldn't dismiss the fact Capcom were just foolish and didn't see why a MH on VITA would benefit the handheld sector all around in Japan.

WeAreLegion1572d ago

I personally think Soul Sacrifice is much better than Monster Hunter, but that's just me.

Yahdaree1572d ago

This really bums me out. I hope the relationship between the Vita and the PS4 help Vita sales. Its a really nice system.

pwnsause_returns1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

they weren't ambitious enough to go walk up to capcom and throw them money for MH...They saw how it sparked the PSP...yet they did nothing about it... it ended up on the 3DS...further hurting the Vita.... The console doesnt deserve this punishment...

my opinion, i prefer a game like SS over MH... but brand power can make people buy one thing over the other.

iDadio1572d ago

Thats exactly what stumped me, if you have a runaway success on that scale surely you do whatever it takes to keep it?

Good point about brand power, MH is the reason me and two friends bought a WiiU and spent 400+ hours playing it so proofs in the pudding I guess.

pwnsause_returns1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

what angers me about it is, based on what happened on the 360 vs the PS3, where these 3rd party companies where flocking to microsoft at the time (ESPECIALLY CAPCOM), did they think the same was not going to happen with the 3ds and the Vita? the same applies here, especially when a company like capcom loves money, and the popular machine is the 3DS...of course they where going to bring it to the 3DS, and i dont blame them...

Sony had to walk up to them, not the other way around.

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rainslacker1572d ago

I think Sony wanted to create their own MH type experience. Soul Sacrifice was great, but as you say, brand power wasn't there.

In some ways it might be good to go their own route on this, as it means the potential for success is much greater. Like Nintendo has Pokemon to rely on, without having to buy off 3rd party publishers. Unfortunately, it's hard to make that happen, mostly because new IP's are extremely hard to get on the level of a MH or Pokemon. On a side note, Soul Sacrifice isn't exactly a super family friendly title.

It's really a shame because the Vita is a great system. I've been a bit disappointed in Sony's handling of it, this year especially. But I love the system, and it has games that are the kind of games I like, but I understand that I like mostly niche Japanese titles which others may not.

Mr_Writer851571d ago

You do know Nintendo (who have more money than Sony) paid for MH exclusivity.

Even if they wanted to Sony wouldn't of been able to match Nintendos offer.

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HighResHero1572d ago

Well, with the new SKU, etc. they may still have time, if they choose to actually market the thing properly.
I don't need only "aaa" games and fast sales, but if they want to sell 100m, then they will need to create a buzz, period.

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iamnsuperman1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

It is possible these retailers don't buy stock that often, as historically the thing doesn't sell that well, which is why they have run out (also the Playstation TV is coming out soon so retailers might be preparing for that stock over the Vita as it is essentially the same thing). If it was something major then it would be a world wide issue (for instance a new bundle would come with massive price drops, as it doesn't sell that well, on previous bundles and if it was a discontinuing issue then it would be a world wide issue)

Mikito111571d ago

Vita is death at the moment.. Even Sony are backing away from supporting it with first party games and relying on indies which is kinda silly

Chrono1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

It's for a niche market. Those who want it know how to buy it.