Here's the First Look at Stealth Inc. 2 Gameplay

Stealth Inc 2 has made it's gameplay debut. At the Nintendo UK Post-E3 Event, we got a first look at the gameplay for the upcoming stealth game.

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mikeslemonade1621d ago

Remember we asked for more oldschool 2d platformers. Well we got them.. and now I'm tired of 2d platform puzzlers. Why can't developers research what the market wants. We want more balance and the genre that needs to be made more is the turn-based story rpg.

Monster_Tard1621d ago

looks good, one of the more promising indies coming out.

slinky1234561621d ago

Wait! Wii U exclusive? I loved the first. Bought on the PS3 then on the PSVITA. Now after my support I have to buy a whole other console to play the next? Not happy. Especially when it comes from an indie dev.