22 Problems Only Gamers Will Understand

Dan Curtis of WhatCulture writes: That feeling that strikes fear into the hearts of gamers everywhere - forgetting when you last saved when a game freezes.

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60FramesPerSecond1572d ago

My biggest problem while gaming is trying to play single player, story driven games durimg party chat. its why i havent gotten through many single playergames recently

Christopher1571d ago

Not sure how you do that. For me, I game best, multiplayer or singleplayer, when I don't have other people in my head.

BiggCMan1570d ago

Dunno if i'm missing something here, but the obvious answer here seems to be to...not be in chat while trying to pay attention to a story?

theDivision1570d ago

The same revolutionary thought crossed my mind.

Iamnemesis48801570d ago

What would be a great touch for the X1 and PS4 is a six stack blue-ray drive.

Volkama1570d ago

Just go digital. Discs are for magpies.

Iamnemesis48801570d ago

Only if your internet speed is good. But nothing can beat a physical copy of a game simple as that.
If it was a digital how would you smash COD ghosts

Matt6661570d ago

Number 16 I haven't brought COD since WAW. I do hate it for my own reasons mainly because it the same game every single year.