Nintendo Should Make A Special Wii U Bundle For Project CARS

One Angry Gamer "If you haven’t heard, Bandai Namco Games has announced that they will be a worldwide distributing partner with Slightly Mad Studios, offering to bring Project CARS to a retail shop near you for the PS4, Xbox One and Wii U. While this is a third-party game through and through, Nintendo definitely needs to jump on the bandwagon in the same way that Sony has partnered with Bungie and Activision for a PS4 Destiny bundle, and the same way that Microsoft teamed with EA and Respawn for the Xbox One Titanfall bundle.

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leemass241569d ago

interesting read and idea, would be good if they did but i think if they were gonna do a bundle, i would say do a smash bros and project cars bundle. it would be win win for everyone. but hey thats just my opinion.

60FramesPerSecond1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

If it can showcase Wii U graphics (and if it looks close to other consoles) then sure.

Geobros1569d ago

I don't think so. Its not a so much desirable game.....

leemass241569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

for those that are worrying about the wii u version graphically heres what andy tudor said a few month ago, PROJECT CARS DEV SAYS WII U VERSION IS LOOKING EXTREMELY PROMISING
Andy Tudor, the Creative Developer of Project CARS, has reiterated that the Wii U version of the game is looking extremely promising. Tudor mentioned that the team had got the rain effects working on the platform, which he claims in the most graphically intense weather setting in the game.

“I literally just had a blast racing around one of our tracks in the rain (the most graphically-intensive weather setting) and it held up pretty damn well. Of course there are optimisations still to be done but side-by-side, the Wii U version we have running in the studio is extremely promising.”


also continue reading down he says abit more aswell about the wii u version.

ritsuka6661569d ago

roject CARS Running On The Wii U Specs/Settings

Looks amazing.

NightStalker331569d ago

How do you know it's on Wii U? Looks really good, but there is no proof.

AfterThought1569d ago


It isn't, if you read the comments and yes I know the description is a bit confusing, it is on PC but it is set in line to what the Wii U would be able to achieve in terms of the Wii U's specifications.

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