An Evening with Student Developers: The Indie 3 Expo!

Kyle from TwoDashStash writes:

On June 13th, 2014 I had the privilege of talking with the next generation of game developers at the Art Institute Of Vancouver’s Indie 3 Expo (not related in any way to the mystifyingly named Project INDIE 3). This game expo was designed to showcase the projects developed by students of the Game Design programs.

While I had the opportunity to sit down and interview two of the developers at the expo in an indiestashcast. I also managed to chat with some other alumni and discover their contributions to past Indie 3′s. Here are some of the highlights from that delightful evening:

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seupai10851571d ago

Did even know this existed.

Vamosla1571d ago

Is the event strictly students?

Desolate_Hybrid1570d ago

I think so since it was sponsored by the Art Institute.