You Shouldn't Worry about the “Dork Factor” of Anything

CCC Says: "On Monday, July 1, I wrote up an article about Electronic Arts’ CEO Peter Moore referring to virtual reality devices as having a “dork factor,” and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at least a little bemused as to why someone would refer to something that’s (technologically) a leap forward in gaming as something that’s “dorky” in this day and age."

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Snookies121622d ago

First EA abandons handhelds in favor of freaking phones, now this...? You know what? Screw EA. I didn't used to hate them, even when they were getting a lot of hate as worst company in America but now I'm starting to agree. This company blows, if they DO manage to release something I'm interested in I'll make sure I buy it used and at bargain price.

mikeslemonade1622d ago

Overtime these dorky looking things will improve into more sleek looking.

JBSleek1622d ago

Don't you think you are overreacting to this harmless comment?

JBSleek1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

I mean I'm not gonna disagree with this. I do think there is a dork factor. I don't think that's a bad thing necessarily but to say that VR headset doesn't look dorky is silly, looks straight out of Star Trek.

spacecat50501622d ago

VR is the ultimate dork factor. If people on this site wouldn't even flail their arms around in front of Kinect in the privacy of their homes what makes having this machinery strapped to your face like a Borg while flailing your arms around with Move or a controller any different?

spartanlemur1621d ago

Because the strength of the experience will outweight the embarrassment (if there is any).

VR is what we were all dreaming of as kids, not flailing arms around in front of a camera.

spacecat50501620d ago

So flailing around with a hunk of machinery on your face was the dream??

spartanlemur1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )


The dream was having VR, regardless of whether it meant lying in a pod or wearing a hunk of machinery on your face.

My question is: who on Earth is so self-conscious as to care who happens to judge them for having a great time in VR games?

The ignorance, after all, comes from the judge and not the judged in this case, as there really isn't any impact to "looking like a fool in your living room" beyond idiots thinking you look like an idiot, which is their problem.

ninjahunter1621d ago

Eh, its one of those things where you think its dumb until you try it, then you never quit. Like one piece, everyone criticizes its art style, then they watch it and BEST SHOW EVER.

air11621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

IMO and I don't mean to offend the young kids but if you still look at things like vr and voice control as a "dork factor" then you are nothing more thae a child that worries more about what other ppl think of you rather than enjoying the product as long it's enjoyable..

So in my case... Bring on all the dork factors! I own my own house and make my rules you try and make fun of me in a negative way in my home, out you go! It's that simple...

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