Final Fantasy Creator’s New JRPG Terra Battle Officially Announced, Gets First Picture and Logo

Hironobu Sakaguchi’s new JRPG Terra Battle, which has now been officially announced with a September release for both iOS and Android.

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Nyxus1567d ago

... for smart phones and tablets. Damn.

Abriael1567d ago

Well, to be fair if it's a classic sprite 2D JRPG (which I don't know, mind you, they didn't show), the platform isn't really much of consequence.

Yet, I hope it'll come to consoles eventually.

Nyxus1567d ago

Maybe they could port it to handhelds at a set price with all the items included, instead of free to play with microtransactions.

sonypsnow1567d ago

My Sony Xperia Z is Ready!

Magicite1566d ago

Probably they should have better stayed with Square Enix.

Chrono1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

No screenshot?
That char looks a bit like Dagran from TLS.

GenericNameHere1566d ago

JRPGs lately have been generic in terms of character design. I'm pretty sure you'll find plenty of characters from different games looking the same. You mentioned The Last Story. Look at the main character in the boxart. Looks exactly like Sasuke from Naruto and Noctis in FFXV.

SlasherXI1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

Sick artwork.... Wish this was for console or handheld:(

KillerPwned1567d ago

How do JRPG's ect...alike play on smart phones? I never been really for games on phones but some of the Square games do look good. Granted I would never buy a FF title on a phone. More so talking about exclusive games to the platform.

WeAreLegion1566d ago

Not bad. Since they're turn-based, controls aren't really a hassle.

Summons751566d ago

They all play awfully, the ports of older console titles especially. Cell phones are not made for games and they never will be.

BLuTheSecond1566d ago

They play well enough. It's not like JRPGs have complex control schemes so a touch screen interface is more than adequate. FF3 and FF4 play great on my nexus.

WeAreLegion1566d ago

I'd rather play it on my Vita. I'll probably still get it, but games drain a phone's battery so fast. :/

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The story is too old to be commented.