Heads-on with Sony's Project Morpheus | Start Replay

Josh from Start Replay gets a glimpse of what Sony's VR headset is like on PS4.

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60FramesPerSecond1571d ago

Gran Turismo 7 with Morpheus? Anybody?

user14394141570d ago

I hope to play a lot of good games on Project Morpheus on PS the BEST place for VR gaming.

annus1570d ago

900p/30FPS sure is the best, if only there was some other platform that could offer such graphic fidelity. /s

Scatpants1570d ago

Yeah probably not the best. still getting one though.

AgentSmithPS41571d ago

"At current, the resolution of the screen inside Morpheus was adequate, but definitely not the highest quality it can be. In its current state though it’s still probably another couple of years away from mass production"

This is a product for a console, not a high end PC, and they want to sell lots of them so it will have a lower price, it will be good but not the 'best'.
Years? That might be the first time I've heard that. It looks relatively finished I assume they're just waiting for display deals and for VR games to be ready for launch.

Clover9041570d ago

Like oculus, Sony isn't anywhere near ready. They just released dev kits to developers, and it'll take years to create great, from-the-ground-up VR games.

Team_Litt1570d ago

I have very little hope for another of Sony's gaming peripherals. They tend to burn bright at first and Sony expects them to thrive on just initial momentum and the Sony brand. Soon it will slow to a crawl and have zero support and fail.