Amazon Updates PlayStation TV Release Date

Amazon has updated the release date for the highly anticipated PlayStation TV and it's still looking like it will be here in time for the Holiday Season.

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60FramesPerSecond1666d ago

They need a Vita like controller. I wanna play Killzone and LBP for this.

ftwrthtx1666d ago

I'm curious to see if the Vita will connect and act as a controller. That would be pretty sweet.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1666d ago

I'm hoping the DS4's touchpad will act like the Vita's touchpad allowing us to play every Vita game.

60FramesPerSecond1666d ago

what about the back touch pad though?

Rockefellow1666d ago

It doesn't work like that on the one I saw. You can use the analog sticks to "draw" on the screen like a finger would (and it looks awkward for anything remotely fast-paced), but it's been out for a while in other parts of the world and they only just recently allowed for PS4 controller suppor, let alone full compatibility.

I'd think they would have hyped up the DS4's touchpad as being compatible if it was. I think it would add a lot to the value, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

hkgamer1666d ago

they could easily allow ps4 controller and let you swittch between front of back for touch pad. but i guess they just cant be bothered doing that.

novacav1666d ago

YESSS. They need to make Virtue's Last Reward compatible. I hope they do. Otherwise, PERSONA 4 GOLDEN BABY

duckmysick1666d ago

I'm playing through the original Persona 4 now, and i love it. how better is golden than the original version?

Snookies121666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

It adds a lot of great content, plus it's in HD. Like, visually it looks a lot better than the PS2 version.

Although, Chie's voice actor is different in Golden... That's something that took getting used to after playing through the PS2 version twice lol.

hkgamer1666d ago

its more portable friendly, has a quick move option, basically a menu allowing you to choose locations. just a little quicker then running around everywhere. well that iis optional.

it also has more content, but not sure what that is.

higher resolution.

JonnyBigBoss1666d ago

I want this even if just for P4G.

duckmysick1666d ago

Day one!
Might get one for every TV in the house. Wtih one PS4, this is gonna be great! ..oops, Might have to get the White PS4, too.

Anon19741666d ago

Yep. I'm on board as well to use this as PS4 extender for my living room. I've got a Vita but can't see that I'll use it for Vita games all that much as that's what my Vita's for. Who knows though. Might find myself playing my Vita version of Rayman on the big screen every now and then. :)

hkgamer1666d ago

you may want to check how many devices can be linked onto your psn. also wise to check how many devices a single game can be installed on. not really sure how psn accounts work.

Anon19741666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Well, if they have the hard copy of the game it can be played on any compatible device (that's pretty clear). I know when it comes to device installs, it set by the publishers. For example, in the past there have been games that can be installed on as many devices as you want as long as the purchaser logs into their PSN account. I know with larger games they're sometimes capped at 4 devices.

dyani1666d ago

YAAAY! Get all up in my life, sony!

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