‘Sniper Elite III’ Review - Target Acquired | Analog Addiction

Analog Addiction:

"Sniping is an art. Taking into consideration your rifle’s specifications, the distance between you and your target, the wind, all while being seconds away from blowing someone’s mind – literally – is not something easily done. Almost every first-person and third-person shooter provides players with this opportunity, but very few are actually 100% focusing on this 'relation' between the soldier and his scoped rifle.

Fortunately, over the course of three generations now, the Sniper Elite franchise has stepped in to fill this void. The sixth generation had Sniper Elite, the seventh had Sniper Elite V2, and now, the seventh and eight have Sniper Elite III. Is it any better than its predecessor? Yes; Sniper Elite III is a huge improvement in almost every aspect. Here’s why…"

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