The Last of Us: Remastered is the most important release this year

The relationship between Joel and Ellie is one that hasn’t been explored much in video games for the past twenty years. It’s one that knows no bounds, doesn’t cross a line or dangerously fixate on sexual or romantic tension. It’s a father and daughter type bond, but in a way, not so much. Both occupy holes in each other’s hearts, voids that were created by the tragic and desperate world that they both find themselves in.

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kingtroy1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

GOTY twice ? But in all seriousness I'm really excited for Halo collection as well

ArchangelMike1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

Fun fact: Half Life 2 won Game of the Year in two separate years. First, in 2004 when it was first released, and again in 2008 as part of The Orange Box.

Goro1570d ago

GTA5 beat it for GOTY in 2013 so no, GOTY once at best.

Ezz20131570d ago

No, go to
and see for your self

Goro1570d ago

Typical, N4G can't accept TLOU didn't win the main GOTY award from the VGX. Fanboys everywhere.

ArchangelMike1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

The Last of Us won more Game of The Year Awards than GTA V.

The VGX (which absolutely no one take serously) was just one of the many sites handing out GOTY awards.

The vast majority of the gaming press gave TLOU the Game of The year Award. Over 200 GOTY awards - in case you were wondering.

You can verify this Fact for yourself.

Goro1570d ago

I know that but the VGX is the big one, nobody was complaining last year when TWD won GOTY but this year N4G's beloved TLOU failed to win and there's uproar. If what you guys say is true, i guess that means Saints Row 4 was also game of the year, so was Dead Island Riptide and almost every other game released in 2013...

iamnsuperman1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

Depends where you look. The VGX (why change it from VGAs is beyond me) gave it to GTA V but there were in a minority. Looking at more prestigious events like the BAFTAs gave the Last of Us GOTY (so it depends where you draw the line).

VGX awards aren't actually more recognised or looked at in a more favorable light than somewhere like IGN or Gametrailers. Why the VGX are well known is because of the reveals at the show and it is an actual event. The VGX aren't looked at in the same way as the Oscars are in the film world (which is the pinnacle award to get). In a way there is no top dog award which is why games proudly display any award from the more well known publications and also they say things like "won 7 game of the year awards"

mkis0071570d ago

The Last of Us - 249

The Critics' Picks - 191

The Readers' Picks - 58

Grand Theft Auto V - 158

The Critics' Picks - 106

The Readers' Picks - 52

VGX isn't the "big one," by any stretch of the imagination.

Revengeance1570d ago

Lol did you just use VGX as a refernce for GOTY? The award that was decided by a popularity contest so people could watch that horrible GTAV concert?

The ignorance in this one people.

kreate1569d ago

I usually look at vgx as a main goty event.

I stop taking them seriously when they gave twd the goty award.

I still think gta has a slight edge over last of us in my opinion.

However it seems like last of us has a quantifiable edge Over gta when it comes to goty.

FamilyGuy1569d ago

wtf are you on, GTA V was great and received tons of awards but The Last of Us took home over 200 awards last year. It was THE Game of the Year if not Game of the Generation.

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Magicite1570d ago

Im sure people who havent played TLOU yet, but got a PS4 already, will be very pleased this summer.

Half_Minute_Hero1570d ago

Halo MCC is far more important than the TLOU remaster. There are 4 games versus 1, and some of those games are much older than TLOU.

AgentSmithPS41570d ago

It's the most important for me because I haven't played it yet and I've been wanting a 'big' respected game.

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Meltic1570d ago

''Most important this year'' If you have cleared the game already on ps3 and played it it isnt the most important game this year but if you havent played it yet. GET it on the ps4.

Crazyglues1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

@ Meltic

I would disagree with you about it not being most important but I can't, but I will say I played it beat it and now can't wait to go back on PS4...

I think Because if what we have been hearing is true 60fps is a game changer / I think were about to find out just how big a deal 60 is over 30...

It's also going to be a blast to play through again, a game that was one of my favorite games of last gen and seeing if adding HD really does pull you more into the experience...

We shall see, and I for one can't wait.. I think NaughtyDog is going to nail it.

||.........___||............ ||

ArchangelMike1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

I think it IS the most important game release this year.

2 reasons why.

1) Can a last gen game (PS3), surpass current gen games (PS4)?

2) Can a game win GOTY for 2 years in a row?

The gaming industry has to face upto these two questions. The answer will have ramification for years to come :)

joab7771570d ago

I still think ots worth a purchase for the PS4 even if u played it. Its been a yr since I first played it and cant wait to do so again in 1080/60.

Though my interest is piqued concerning whether or not 60 fps will b better or not for sp.

Meltic1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

So you just wanna play it cuz of the 1080/60 ?. And btw can it look much better than it did on the ps3?. It was already next gen for me when i played it. I only noticed slightly better Lightning and better Picture on the e3 trailer. Better Picture can you easy get if u fix the brightness on ur tv.

stavrami-mk21570d ago

Seems to me if anyone wants a big comment section just mention the last of us 398 comments incoming

ArchangelMike1570d ago

That either says alot about TLOU, or it says alot about how fanboys feel about TLOU.

60FramesPerSecond1570d ago

This is really getting annoying. Its not. Unless this is the second crash of the game industry, its not. Its a game that just released, and its releasing again on a new system. This is starting to get pathetic.

Legacy2121570d ago

I have to agree all I keeo seeing is how amazing last of us remastered is and how realistic itll look and insiders and ND talking soo much with no game play. Its a GREAT game I just dont understand why people are going crazy unless as I said before you havent played it. N4g is acting like its a new game or I.p chill

DeadlyOreo1570d ago

Your comments are pretty annoying also.

Legacy2121570d ago

A remastered cant be game of the year... its literally the same game just looks prettier.thats like saying god of war collection or halo master chief collection are contenders for GOTY. I beat last of us and loved it I told my friend it was the game of the generation but I have 0% in remasterded. However if you havent played it last gen then ya its a BIG deal

ArchangelMike1570d ago

As I said above (and in another thread)

"...Half Life 2 won Game of the Year in two separate years. First, in 2004 when it was first released, and again in 2008 as part of The Orange Box."

If Half Life 2 can do it...

WeAreLegion1570d ago

Viewtiful Joe did that, as well.

brich2331570d ago

Who cares, there will be many game websites with thier own GOTY awards, and some of them just might give it to TLOU.

Legacy2121570d ago

Just dont think its fair to give GOTY to a re release when new I.p and new games are out. Also the orange box contained portal and half life episode 2 which were new games.

kneon1570d ago

If it's better than everything else releasing this year then I don't see why it shouldn't get GOTY again.