12 Sweetest Game Deals Found During the Summer Steam Sale

Twinfinite writes: "Probably the most anticipated event of the year for PC gamers is the Steam Summer Sale. Getting games for pennies on the dollar is one of the bragging rights for PC gamers, and this event is the motherload. Since most of the Twinfinite staff prefer playing on PCs, I asked around to see what games everybody got and what they were most excited to play. Everybody had that one deal, planned or unplanned, that they just had to jump on. They weren’t necessarily the cheapest games available, but they were ones that we were dying to get our hands on and the price, as they say, was right."

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DasTier1568d ago

Honestly this Steam Summer Sale was one of the worst in recent memory.

Rob_Ko1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

agree, I bought a few games on winter/holiday (don't remember actual name) sale, ond none now.

it was basicly repeat of we've already seen before, and new games were like -20%, so not that big of a deal

TWB1568d ago

Yeah, the only thing that I was semi happy about was that I could get the quake collection for 14,95€ seeing how quake games are still pretty expensive.

Now simply buying Q3 would cost more than the collection in sale.

sungin1568d ago

yeah discount sucks lol dude go away,complaining and bi%$ing about stupid sh&t

Gh05t1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

I feel the same way. I did get two games off my list that I had wanted for a while and one was at a great price but I felt everything else was just $5 more than I was willing to pay.

Not to mention whose Idea was it to put a sale at the end of the month? My wallet was pretty empty anyways by the time this rolled around. There were a few sales I wanted to get but just couldn't justify the purchase.

There is always the winter sale though.

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Aleithian1568d ago

Got Space Hulk for $2.50. Only thing I bought, and man is that game good!

sungam3d1568d ago

I got fallout 3, new vegas, oblivion and morrowind (all DLC included GOTY ones) for just under $30.

Got Carmageddon Reincarnation as well (no discount, I just love what Stainless are doing) and this morning I found out they gifted me Carmageddon Max Pack free.

I'm more than happy!