5 Unreleased Indie Games for Mobile You Should Be Anxiously Awaiting (as of July 2014)

Disruptive approach, innovative gameplay, alternative ludonarrative, and pixel art are too often regrettably empty words. This is a list of games where these words mean what they mean. By Appszoom.

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1nsomniac1566d ago

If as in mobile you mean phones rather than handhelds then I don't think anyone will be anxiously waiting for anything!

Anon19741566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

And yet according to Microsoft in 2013, mobile game spending hit $10 billion dollars. It's a shy of the $27 billion they said was spent on console gaming but clearly someone's interested. Maybe not on this site, but you can't really dismiss how huge the mobile gaming industry is. It's projected by 2017, mobile gaming and social gaming online will account for 60% of all gaming revenue, and in 2012 it was revealed that kids under 18 in the US are more interested in mobile phone gaming then console gaming.

As console and PC gamers we can look at the mobile game market and say that's not our thing, but you can't dismiss how big the industry is and how fast it's growing as mobile devices become more and more powerful and as the Asian mobile game market starts to explode. Think about it. This year it's projected that 1.75 billion people will be using smart phones, and we know that one of the main things people use them for is gaming.

1nsomniac1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

The only people interested in mobile gaming is kids & mums. Yes there is a lot of them in the world but still, the format doesn't interest any real gamers.

In fact real gamers realise how damaging it is to the gaming industry as a whole but kids & mums don't care about that either unfortunately.

Anon19741566d ago

So kids and mums aren't real gamers? How elitist of you.

Personally, I don't care if you've spent 1000 hours on WOW, 10 hours on Farmville or just play retro arcade games on your phone. If you enjoy playing video games, you're a gamer in my books.

And how on earth is mobile gaming damaging to the industry? If anything, mobile gaming serves as a gateway to console gaming for the casual gamer. And if only "kids and mums" are playing mobile games, how do you explain the mobile success of games like GTA, or the Baldur's Gate re-release, or the mobile versions of Final Fantasy?

Again, it's a mistake to dismiss mobile gaming.