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EA Sports UFC certainly nails the look and atmosphere of a big UFC fight. As the camera circles the infamous octagon, Bruce Buffer takes his place in the centre and bellows his familiar introductions with all the verve and intensity you would expect from the big man. Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg’s commentary is suitably excitable, too, reacting to brutal uppercuts and flying knees with manic enthusiasm along with the ohhs and ahhs of a deafening crowd.

Each punch, kick, elbow and knee collides with a wincing ferocity on these hyper-realistic depictions of flesh and bone. Muscles flex beneath the surface and skin ripples like a stone skipping across water as it absorbs another punishing blow. Phenomenal fighter likenesses become bruised and disfigured as cuts open up above eyes and on noses, blood spewing both onto the mat and the combatants. And then it’s all over, a big left hand turning legs to jelly as one fighter collapses, the other an ecstatic victor. The crowd goes wild.

This is next-gen bloodshed as desired.

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hello121571d ago

Not surprising EA sports games are trash. Fifa is the same people thinking this is a good game have lost the plot.