PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One: the console war that turned into a love story

Executives from Sony and Microsoft are battling it out over who can be nicer about the rival games console. Are we ready for this new era of kindness?

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NextLevel1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

The funny thing is, this only happened when Microsoft started getting crushed by the PS4. The media started this whole movement recently. Last gen it was a huge deal when COD was 20p higher or that Mafia 2 had more grass, now resolution apparently doesn't matter. Microsoft use to trash the PS3 every chance they got and the media supported it. Now everyone just want to be friends and nothing else matters but gameplay not framerates, resolution, MSAA, AO or any kinda of effects, it's funny how that works. Even alot of the Xbox fanboys on forums before the reveals were hyping up how the Xbox 720 was going be a powerhouse because of Microsoft's unlimited funds, they found it wasn't and changed their tune. Then it was the cloud, again have changed their tune. Then it was DX12, again changed their tune. Now the just stick to the gameplay and fun factor argument (which is important) and act like everything else is irrelevant and people who care about tech are shallow. I personally find it all super insincere.

JBSleek1621d ago

I do find it funny though when console gamers talk about crap like this yet refer to PC gamers are pretentious when they mention things like this.

It was convenient last generation for consoles to be all about the unique games.

corvusmd1621d ago

Not true, despite random instances, MS and Sony have actually been very respectful competitors of one another. The companies have a healthy competition going, it's only when it gets to the fanboy level that it gets ugly.

Lawboy21621d ago

Couldn't have said it better's really stupid if u ask me...why belittle someone for the purchasing preference it's childish and immature...I like both companies and buy both of their products even outside of video games...but if u prefer one over the other that's ur prerogative and u should not be constantly bashed because of's cool to joke around and maybe say well this game is better on this console or this console is better because of this...but it's no longer joking ard ppl have taken this generation to the extreme

Redgehammer1621d ago

You're confusing Microsoft the company with a subset of xbox owners that liked to beat their proverbial chests.; concordantly, a subset of Playstation fans have been doing the same thing this new gen.

I am totally ready for an era of good natured competition, to wit "Can't we all just get along?".

JBSleek1621d ago

Why does the Wii U get constantly dismissed in these talks. MK8 is the best first party game released in 2014 as of right now with a heavy hitter in Smash Bros in the fall.

Sure it doesn't have the same power but when it comes to games they are good. I have yet so see a first party Nintendo game that is bad. Zelda coming in 2015. Great time to own Wii U which is a next generation console.

60FramesPerSecond1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

I personally think the console war of this gen is based on PlayStation fans ripping on the Xbox One. While Xbox trolls do come around and rip on PS4, it really seems to be a one sided war. Both groups of fanboys are idiotic. Why not have both consoles?

Mega241621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

The point is not to own both console, but respect the opinion of a person who doesn't want both or just doesn't like the other console. Also to those who only prefer one, don't need to insult others because they have a different choice then yours.

SKullDugger1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Kudos!! Bubble vote for you.

hello121621d ago

Actually i blame Sony for the whole resolution debate and it has backfired on them so many times. They have been caught out least 5 times if not more claiming a game is 1080p and 60 frames and not to be the case. Sony lie because they know they can get away with it.

This is why Sony is winning, so far.

Microsoft had a terrible E3 in 2013 Don Mattrick what a fool he's comment about the internet was one of the worst PR disasters i have ever seen. Microsoft talking about TV bored me to death. Microsoft handed victory to Sony on a plate and luckily they managed to recover. I was thinking of jumping ship to PS4 myself, but i am glad i stuck with the xb1. Microsoft haven't disappointed me since launch of the xb1

Sony though wants it fans to believe 1080p and 60 frames is all that matters they keep the console war going because it benefits them to do this, but like i said most of the time they lie to get there. E3 this year was an example of this when they showed gameplay on a PC and claimed Battlefield Hardline Alpha was running at 1080p and 60 frames on PS4. It was 900p

zerog1621d ago

Microsoft does the same thing. They get called out every e3 for showing most if not all their games on pc. No company is perfect. I stick with sony because every product I've bought with sony on it has always met or exceded my expectations weather it be a playstation, stereo, tv, phone ect. My 60gig launch ps3 lasted almost 6 years running an average of 10 hours a day. How many 360 owners can claim that from a launch console? I 20 year old sony stereos that work perfectly i got as a kid. I can't say the same of ms. Windows gets worse every time a new one comes out, my sis bought her kids a 360 the 2nd xmas they were out and by june was on their 3rd rrod and customer support wouldn't even talk to them about replacing it yeah, I don't really have a problem with the xbox per say but the company that makes it sucks.

Willio1621d ago

Remember Project Milo? Smoke and mirrors bud. Companies lie all the time. It goes both ways. To be fair, Sony does try to fulfill their promises albeit the time it takes to get there.

FYI, the nutritional value you read on the back label are lies as well if they are not FDA regulated. Welcome to the world friend.

Lawboy21621d ago

I agree...but the only reason this occurs is because there are so many ps4 out in the wild...right now the ps4 lead is like 2 to 1...which means the xbox fans are vastly outnumbered

MasterCornholio1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Well if Microsoft didn't make themselves such an easy target with their blunders and 180s none of this would happen. I remember last gen crazy Ken made Sony an easy target for the press with the things he said and the PS4s high price.

60FramesPerSecond1621d ago

Yeah, but its over now. It should be about the games now. The Ps3 was sold at a loss. if people wanted to wait, they could have, but i think $599 was a decent price. that game system can run The Last Of Us, and it released 8 years ago.

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mysteryraz111621d ago

so the wiiu is who ps4 cheated on for the xbox one and the pc is trying to break them up

Geekman1621d ago

This console war.... is the most ridiculous war since the SNES VS Genisis.

It's worse.

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