Xbox's Phil Spencer Says He's Not Mad at Bungie After Alignment With PlayStation for Destiny

Not so long ago, Microsoft owned Bungie, and the acclaimed developer's Halo titles were released on consoles only for the Xbox platform. But so much has changed. Bungie has since regained its independence with Destiny, and has aligned closely with Sony for the upcoming sci-fi shooter. An alpha for the game was available only on PlayStation consoles, this month's beta will kick off first on PlayStation, and Sony will even offer a special Destiny PS4 bundle. There's also a possibility that copies of Destiny will come pre-loaded with PS4 systems starting this fall

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60FramesPerSecond1666d ago

I was, but honestly it does come down to a simple fact. Xbox One fans all know how good Bungie is, but PS fans do not, They need some motavation. It would be like releasing Killzone on Xbox. I know Killzone is great, but people who play only xbox cannot

AngelicIceDiamond1666d ago

Of course Phil's not mad its buissness.

Vitalogy1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

They knew this would happen, didn't happened with last gen so it was expected for the current.

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badz1491666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Pfft...even if he's mad at them, what's he gonna say and do? Bungie is independent and not theirs anymore. They made Bungie went so far as to buy themselves out of them and that's pretty much unheard of in this industry.

But for all we know, maybe Bungie didn't make any of those deals with Sony but Activision did. They already have a lucrative deal with MS over CoD and they must have wanted a similar deal with Sony too. Destiny is a new IP from a highly acclaimed dev team and it has potential to sell bucket loads based on that fact alone. Activision knew it's an offer anyone will find hard to turn down.

BattleTorn1666d ago

How can he be mad?

With the relationship Bungie and Microsoft had previously, they would've had first dibs.

My bet is that after the split, Microsoft either chose not to make them an offer on Destiny, or gave them a terrible one.

The ball was in their court.

pixelsword1666d ago

He can't be mad; pissing-off people that's not under your thumb is a terrible idea. They could soup-up the PS4 version and gimp the Xbox one version just to tick-off Microsoft... and it's not like Microsoft's the top selling console this gen; they're not the top selling console in any major territory at this point as far as I know.

mikeslemonade1666d ago

Like ANgelic said it's a business, and at the end of the day he still gets his pay check.

From the experience I had the last great game they put out was Halo 2. But I have high hopes for Destiny since they have been working on this game for a long time.

Pogmathoin1666d ago

And Insomniac aligned with MS..... So what, its business, families to support and so on..... Not just pleasing rabid fanboys.....

guitarded771666d ago

Well, it's not like XBOX isn't getting the game too. It would be another thing if it were exclusive.

Kribwalker1666d ago

Why be mad? It isn't hurting MS's bottom line as they still have equity in bungie, so they are making money no matter what platform destiny is on. As well, they had right of first refusal on all future bungie IP's as part of the split agreement. Don't believe me or feel like disagreeing, just google it, your answers will be right there

TheKing011666d ago

Halo 4 was a terrible game (and looking at it's Metacritic: alo-4, it's a common sentiment). it completely ignored everything that made the Halo franchise great with it's generic campaign, criminally short co-op, that could be completed in under 4 hours if played with the right amount of participants, and perk-ridden multiplayer.

343 isn't a "step up" from anything. it's a disappointing game made by a company who was trying harder to emulate other games rather than trying to stay true to what made the series unique to begin with.

bennissimo1666d ago


The only reason I'd "boycott" Destiny is because I only have so much time to game and would rather play Halo 2 MP on dedicated servers. I might pick up Destiny in 2015, but given how dense the 2015 AAA release schedule appears to be, perhaps not...

BlackWolf121666d ago

Mad at them?

What the actual f**k?

Who the f**k even asks that question to a serious businessman? only a 10 year old would ask something like that.

I am convinced after seeing the backlash about Bungie going multiplat that Xbox players are all children or mentally deficient adults.

This generation has so far really painted an extremely pathetic picture of the gaming community.

ANYONE who says they are pissed at Bungie for going multiplatform doesn't even deserve the time it takes to reply to their stupid comment.

UltraNova1666d ago

These days exclusives are strictly limited to 1st party, of course with some exceptions where the paycheck is big enough not to be ignored.

Get your game to as many gamers as possible and make more money. Its business as usual and only rabid fanboys get annoyed by devs going multiplatform.

However,what do you say when a formerly exclusive developer goes exclusive with the other side? E.g. Insomniac effectively aligned with MS for the last few years...I know they are working with Sony on a new RaC but where is it? All I see is xbox support and all I hear from them is 'we wont make anymore Resistance games'. As if they have a problem with the PS platform (just saying)

But that ^^ is still nonsense. Why go exclusive with another company when you wanted- quote "more gamers to experience what Insomniac has to offer" end quote ?

The answer? Big old fat paycheck. Imagine if Destiny was PlayStation exclusive, would it feel like business to you?

So what I'm getting at here is that 'business as usual' can some times be offensive to your long time running fans as well. And fan loyalty goes a long long way when you need it!

E.g. I will buy any game made by Rockstar North and Naughty Dog without even known its name, what kind of game is it and without even watching any trailers on day one. Why? Cause I trust these guys to that extend. That's fan loyalty and that's 60 bucks without even trying.

And when a Suit talk I tend to listen with my bullshit detector on.

Dehnus1665d ago

You make it sound like he's a mobster preparing to have them snuffed.
:"DOn't be mad, it's business"

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HeWhoWalks1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Um, too many generalizations to take this seriously. "PS fans don't know how good Bungie is". How would you know that? This is a business. Go read up on just WHY Bungie wanted to create their own stuff, free of Halo. Has nothing to do with Sony, PlayStation, or any of its fans.

The fact that it bothered you means you take the console "warz" personally.

60FramesPerSecond1666d ago

i take the console wars personally because i am insulted personally by fanboys on this site.

BlackTar1871666d ago

60frams those 2 things shouldn't go hand and hand and i fail to see the connection of why you would be mad at Bungie due to that fact.

BallsEye1666d ago

PS fans actually were downplaying Bungie and Halo for years, especially on every n4g article with Bungie/Halo on it...ofcourse that changed when they revealed a multiplatform Destiny, which is a copy of halo with rpg elements and more open world, while models, animations and the whole feel of gameplay is almost exactly the same. Ahh n4g..

Magnes1666d ago

@60frames your comments reek of fanboy which you claim to be offended by,and you generalize like a fanboy. You ever think halo fans also owned ps3's I did and alot of ps4 owners had OG xbox and 360's I did. Get off your soap box.

KinjoTakemura1666d ago


"i take the console wars personally because i am insulted personally by fanboys on this site"

News flash. You are a fan boy if you actually think there's a console war.

Major_Glitch1666d ago

@HeWhoWalks Agreed. It's funny how some fanboys think that Sony supporters have never played a Bungie game before. I've been supporting Sony since they were producing walk-mans, but that didn't stop me from playing every halo to come out since the original. Just because people prefer Sony doesn't mean they're unable to play games on a rival console.
@60 You're a fanboy. Deal with it.

ALLWRONG1666d ago Show
IndoAssassin1666d ago


Xbox fans hated on the Ratchet and Clank series all last gen. Of course that changed when Insomniac decided to make Sunset Overdrive exclusive to Xbox One, which has many of the same mechanics as the Ratchet series, and the same art style.

So What's Your Point?

Morgue1666d ago


If you take the " console wars " so seriously then why have this quote on your profile page...

"Quit your petty console war gamers"

solidjun51666d ago

60 FPS : kinda ironic you're insulted by what you are. You reek of it.

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lelo1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Releasing Bungie was one of the biggest mistakes Microsoft has ever done. If they left Bungie alone to make any game they wanted, Destiny would be exclusive to Xbox consoles. Stupid Microsoft.

Bungie didn't have to continue the Halo franchise. 343 could do that. Bungie could produce other franchises, like Destiny. From a business stand point, releasing Bungie was a pretty stupid move by Microsoft. It would be like Sony releasing Naughty Dog and they became 3rd party.

Microsoft could still compose 343i and leave Bungie alone to do what ever they wanted... and keep Bungie as 1st party.

60FramesPerSecond1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Honestly i think bungie was holding halo back. they were not the perfect dev to continue a 10 year old franchise, and im happy 343 is in charge. also, now i get both halo and new bungie games.

BlackTar1871666d ago

Holding Halo back?

You mean how they've been less awesome little by little since Bungie stopped making them?

Holding Halo back.......................... ...........

Now i've heard it all

Illusive_Man1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Not really when 343i is composed mostly former Bungie employees. Plus MS still has a minority stake in Bungie.

And I'm just just stating my opinion but Halo was getting stale with Bungie. 343i took the single player game to another level. For the first time we got a very story driven game paired with arguably the best graphics of last gen, along with the staple of excellent gameplay we all expect from Halo.

I think 343i is a more talented studio but a lot of people still think the current Bungie is the same Bungie of old. A lot of people jumped shipped to 343i.

BlackTar1871666d ago

Illusive man pleae explain to me why Halo 2 is still the best Halo MP of all time?

You guys are ridiculous i would cite Metacritic but it's not helpful imo since it's a scam of a site.

shadyiswin1666d ago

I agree, in enjoyed odst just cause it was something new but it was the shortest halo game I played. Not surprising it was more of a dlc kind of thing, firefight mode was awesome though. Reach sucked,didn't bother to buy it till 2 weeks before halo 4 dropped. Still don't remember the story or anyone names,graphics were terrible and on levels with rain the frame drops was insane. Then I pop in halo 4 and its like holy shit! That first moment you are able to control it you are like whoa I thought this was a cutscene. The epic ass introduction of the forerunner gave me chills. 343 is doing a great job and yes most of the core bungie guys are now 343 guys (frank O'Connor) . After I saw destiny at Sony's 2013 conference it was huge turn off,looked boring as hell. E3 2014 hasn't changed my mind one bit. I was going to go with evolved over destiny but now the master chief collection is coming and evolve and destiny are only rentals my book. Seriously destiny looks very boring,after halo 3 bungie fell off,some say halo 2 but I enjoyed the bubble shields and all that madness.

sinspirit1666d ago


Only like 4 Bungie employees at most work for 343i and they have common roles, none are the more important figures from the company.

Halo wasn't getting stale from Bungie. It was getting stale, period. Halo 4 isn't even a true Halo game. It is a generic sequel where just after all the enemies are gone and Earth is safe, surpise! Another enemy bigger than ever before is here and coincidentally crosses paths with the lead character before anything. Then, surprise! Somehow there are hundreds of super soldiers over only 3 or 4 years when previously it took several more years and even then the casualty rate was very high. And then, to top it off. The stupid "Gotta add more drama!" crap with Cortana freaking out, drastically changing how she looks to try and make her eye candy, and even though Master Chief saved the human race, knows what he is up against, is a seasoned war hero and top of the line super soldier, there are character that know that and try to order him what to do as if he's a child, a generic attempt at drama and to add yelling to try and convey emotion and struggle like any generic action-oriented sequel has done in many movies and games.

Microsoft forced dead-lines on Bungie, tried to keep Halo from PC, and only released Halo 2 on PC(3 years after XBox launch) to try and push Windows Vista's launch, which was an inexcusable mess. So much content was cut out of Halo 1 that was in 2 and the same happened with 2, which would have been an astronomical success if it simultaneously launched on PC with a Halo 2 Custom Edition to allow map editing. But, Microsoft doesn't even care about their PC platform to risk any possible dent in their console sales.

"arguably the best graphics of last gen". Lol.

Halo 4 multiplayer got even worse. It has started to become more like other mainstream shooters. Halo 2 was and will likely always be the best Halo.


New Bungie games, yes. But, there is no need for new Halo games. Halo remakes? Yes. So, the new console gets updated versions of the best Halo games and their multiplayer is revisited. A new story, so soon after the trilogy is supposed to be over and we have a prequel as well as the ODST spinoff from Bungie, as well as Halo Wars from another studio? A remake is fine, for clear reasons, but to try and make sequel after sequel of a game without even a clear idea of what to do with the story and with nothing but cliche's in mind it's just ridiculous. It's exactly what milking is. When your game is out of content and has nothing new for itself and yet you keep trying to get more out of it just because you have no more ideas or just want to exploit the franchise name.

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joab7771666d ago

MS got Halo and Insomniac in exchange. And Destiny is coming to xbone anyway.

ShadowWolf7121666d ago

Insomniac is third party and still making games for Sony, man.

shinrock1666d ago

Theyy said they will be making exclusives for both x1\p4.

Goku7811666d ago

That statement is kind of ignorant. Although my opinion is that PS4 is a much better quality system with better quality games, doesn't mean I don't or haven't played Xbox games. I am well aware of Bungie and how good they are. Just because someone won't buy the system doesn't mean they haven't or won't play the games. I will play Gears and Halo 5 if they are good, but I just refuse to buy an Xbox One as it is not worth it to me, and don't want to fund MS for its shady dealings.

Hardcore_gamerxbox1666d ago

Can you tell me how come ps4 was worth of buying ?

lfc_4eva1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Dude Killzone is far from great.
I played KZ2 for a while. It looks pretty but it couldn't keep my attention.

Of course thats only my opinion.

IVanSpinal1666d ago ShowReplies(1)
Magicite1666d ago

Did anyone expect saying he is mad?
He might as well say he is not mad that x360 users switched to ps4 instead of x1.

sic_chops1666d ago

Im a PlayStation fan and I know how good bungie is.

Sheikh Yerbouti1666d ago

I had Marathon on my Mac, so I knew before XBox or Halo.

shinrock1666d ago

I played oni on p2. Its not Bungies 1st time on ps.

Aceman181666d ago


i mostly played on PS platforms with the occasional play on my GC, Wii, Xbox, and 360. i played a couple of the halo games, and even though the franchise isn't my cup of tea i knew how good Bungie is so i don't need motivation to be excited for Destiny i was in the beta, and i loved what i played.

lfc_4eva1666d ago


Its good to hear a gamer speak. You don't have to love something to appreciate it.

Aceman181666d ago


thx, yea statements like that make no damn sense to me, and just sound completely stupid.

Hardcore_gamerxbox1666d ago

Funny thing is Sony fans used to say bungie is shit now because they making a game for ps console and got exclusive content for it they are amazing now

King-u-mad1666d ago

Incorrect... Casual gamers who happened to own a playstation probably said bungie is shit... You can't count the casual audience. They are a plague to gaming. Completely worthless.

King-u-mad1666d ago

I dunno what is up with people getting butthurt over it... It's called marketing, just because Bungie had some deals with sony, doesnt really mean anything. NO ONE Complains or Complained about the CONTINUING timed exclusivity (Stuff like DLC being first on xbox) or exclusive (Insomniac made games exclusively for sony at one point) content coming to xbox.

"Xbox One fans all know how good Bungie is, but PS fans do not"

That is completely garbage... I am a sony fan, but I know all to well what bungie can do. I own every console, and adamantly play on all of them. I know good games, I know good company's. My preferred platform does not depict what I know... As with others like me... That was a stupid fucking statement. Same goes for your Killzone statement... The only people who would not know how good a game or company is, are casual gamers... You sir sound very casual based on your opinionated facts spewed on here.

windblowsagain1666d ago

I'm not surprised he isn't mad.

Bungie is the reason for xbox existing. Without HALO. Xbox would have long died off. Everything was Halo Halo Halo.

It's like PSplayers moaning about Sunset Overdrive, The thing is you never bought Insomniac's games that's why they went to MS>

I bought Resistance1,2,3. All good games.

I find it funny, hated resistance1 mp, but really enjoyed res2 and 3 mp.


Insomniac has a habit of over promising and under delivering and Sunset OD will be much of the same maybe worse. It being their first xbox game and all there's a good bet it won't be as advertised. They killed the Resistance series butchered R & C series and IF they were anywhere near as capable as you want them to be Sony would've done what they had to for SO to be on the PS4. Sure Sony wanted to retain the rights to the IP but come on given insomniacs history that certainly was a factor also. And in the end it's insomniac that loses out. The PS4 is the market leader by a 2 to 1 ratio they're losing money going only xbone and the game at best might get 2 million sold that's being generous but rest assured like Titanfall Sunset OD WILL eventually make its way to the PS4 it's really only a matter of time.

Revengeance1666d ago

Wow what an ignorant comment. You do know there were PS fans that played Halo 1 and 2 on the original Xbox right?

ghostface91666d ago

metal gear solid would have been the perfect example for this seeing how its the same thing in reverse even though it was only third party for sony instead of bungie being first same concept though

GrandpaSnake1666d ago

completely disagree, fans of games alike will now how good bungie is, compared to other games/genres it can be a bit stale for poeple looking for more than high jumps and sci fi spraying and flying. FPS games have been around for ever and it is not like playstation only players never got substantial fps games.

CertifiedGamer1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

In the end X1 is still getting the game the same time as Sony so it Destiny doesn't give X1 fans a motive to jump ship to PS4 for that specific game. On the other hand, if PS4 fans want to play Insomniac games new game called Sunset overdrive then they will have to buy the X1 from Microsoft. I do believe Microsoft being the publisher will eventually sell the license back to the Insomniac games once the game sales begin to die out just like they did with EA/Mass Effect1 for PS3 under a different publisher. For those of you who don't remember Microsoft published the first Mass Effect game which ended up on PS3, and also funded Grand Theft Auto 4 DLC, as far as having one of the R* members say that it wouldn't come out on PS3 similar to what is happening with Sunset overdrive right now. I have a feeling both Microsoft and Sony work together behind closed doors, Sony has allowed movies based games to come out on every Microsoft consoles as well.

InTheZoneAC1666d ago

sorry but bungie released a somewhat decent game on a system with no games, that's why it took off...

Sevir1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

MS actually had first dibs on Bungie's future IP, it was apart of their buyout to independce contract. In fact it was discovered initially from The Lawsuit with Infinityward and Jason\Vince vs Activision Lawsuit that Destiny was initially going to be a timed exclusive for XBO(XB720 back then) and XB360 with future iteration landing on PS3 and future PS consoles... What happened is that Sony out bid MS because they wanted badly for the new IP to be aligned with PS, and for Bungie it made better sense. If you're going to launch a new IP, there's a whole other potential 85+ million consumers who has who never bothered with a Bungie experience since they owned only a PS3. So business dictated that a new alliance be formed with the other elephant in the room and that was Sony.

Sony paid top dollar to get Bungie to break their previous contract with MS. And since MS wasn't going to get into a bidding war, they chose to let the game go fully multiplatform and take their money to further invest in the Halo IP. Halo Anniversary, Halo 4, The Master Chief Collection and Halo 5:Guardians with 343i is showing the fruits of its labor...

Xb diehards are upset because it appears as if Bungie had abandoned the house that supported them when in fact the game is coming day and date to their black boxes, sans exclusive contents. Its a multiplatform IP coming to 4 platforms. Sony just wants to make sure That Destiny is experience on PS4\PS3 the way MS fans experienced Halo. And exclusive content was the best they could do, because getting the game exclusive would probably cost way too much money and Activision needs to break even with their investment. Bungie is pretty close to a billion dollar company, just about every one of their games have sold 8+ million units. They deliver the goods, clearly.

MS fans complaining about this is silly just like Sony fans complaining about Insomniac is silly. Its business, MS siezed an opportunity with Insomniac. They are still
committed to Sony. They'll be showing off a new PS4 exclusive this August at Gamescon, so neither Bungie or Insomniac has turned their back on the fan bases that made them the great devhouse they've become. But fanboys don't know the console business.

Phil isn't mad, and he's got no ill will towards the dev that brought them the IP that revolutionized FPS multiplayer and made Xbox a house hold name. And Shuhei feels the same way toward Insomniac, Shu saids its "Insomniac growing up" and he's "excited to see them branch out to make new experiences for other platforms"

So seriously diehards from both camps can let it die already. Its pointless, we all benefit in the end.

IVIEDICATED1665d ago Show
Sevir1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Inchoherent!? DUDE! how do you think BUNGIE Became independent in the first place!?

To break a partnership of any sort or to strike a partnership take MONEY! And Simply PUT, Sony OUTBID MS in an effort to strke up this partnership.... ITs Business 101. TAKE a Course, read a book. EVERYTHING happening with EXCLUSIVE partnerships between third party and platform holders isn't formulated by a simple conversation. Maybe the thought that Sony Outbids MS is something farfetched, its popular belief that MS dumps truck loads of money on a developer/publisher's lawn. BUT SONY Does it too.

There are situations where something is announced exclusive years prior and is suddenly realigned with another partner... Its a bidding war. who throws up the most money gets the golden ticket...

Bungie bought their independence from MS and became and announced it in 2010... shortly after that announcement, MS released a press release stating that Their standing with Bungie is great and as part of an agreement MS has the right to first approach on what ever they create to foster association with MS's platform... Destiny was announced in 2013 and days after their announcement. Bungie shows up at Sony's PS4 reveal announcing a partnership with SONY...

Is it not feasible that over the course of 4 years since its standing with MS that Sony couldn't have worked out a more profitable deal to strike a partnership with them instead of going forward with MS. I've laid it all oout their. this isn't incherent BS. Youre just a pissed idiot who knows nothing about how the industry truly work. Don't attack me unless you can DISPROVE anything I said. and I can definitely provide links if you feel like challenging me!

I'm waiting...

awi59511666d ago

The xbox guys have been proven to buy more games per console. They may have cost themselves allot of sales.The xbox fans hold grudges. See what happened to the dead rising series. It sold over 2 million as a xbox exclusive the second game after it was announced as multiplatform it barley sold 500k on xbox. So bungie better walk a fine line because they may find out the xbox crowd decide to sit their game out. Just look at the COD numbers way more were sold on xbox.

CertifiedGamer1665d ago

Awi5951 tell me about the watch_dogs numbers? Also explain to me how FIFA 14 which practically came free with an X1 in UK still got crushed by the PS4 game of the same region. If you think Xbox fans are going to hold out on playing a good game, you must be smoking crack because that has nothing to do with it. Gears of War 3 was exclusive to 360 and still managed to sell a third of what the second installment sold.

awi59511665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )


Yes and how many ps 3 exclusives sold more than 3 million. The others sold 8 mill each. They still buy more your point is still mute. And look at the number of 1 million at least sales on each console last get its not even close xbox 360 won by miles.

Gunners141666d ago

People on this site disgust me

to them bungie sucked until they went multiplatform

this is one of the most biast fanboy infested sites and most people here DONT KNOW WHAT OWNING MULTIPLE CONSOLES MEANS...

lol entertain me some more you fools

kewlkat0071666d ago

"PS fans actually were downplaying Bungie and Halo for years,"

I remember them it's

I remember halo was to cartoony and the colors or something to that effect..

CertifiedGamer1665d ago

@kewlkat007 two can play that game on X1 fanboys too.

Remember when 360 fanboys used to do graphic comparison with the 360 and PS3 version of multi plats and that took place up until the PS4 launched.

kewlkat0071665d ago

Dude mocking a dev constantly because they chose a visual look for a game has nothing to do about graphics between consolse..

Just sayin, bungie right now by psfans...another sci-fi looking game with similar colors. .

Azzanation1665d ago

Umm Bungie can make what ever games they want on other platforms, the difference is Halo isn't on PS just like Killzone isn't on X1. I honestly don't get your point. Destiny isn't Halo, there 2 completely different games. Just because its Bungie doesn't mean fans of Halo are automaticly going to fall in love with Destiny.

Its just like saying Sunset Overdrive is going to make PS fans unset. Completely different games. Apples to Oranges .

Azzanation1665d ago

Umm Bungie can make what ever games they want on other platforms, the difference is Halo isn't on PS just like Killzone isn't on X1. I honestly don't get your point. Destiny isn't Halo, there 2 completely different games. Just because its Bungie doesn't mean fans of Halo are automatically going to fall in love with Destiny.

Its just like saying Sunset Overdrive is going to make PS fans unset. Completely different games. Apples to Oranges .

lowkey100111665d ago

Why would he be mad he has halo and laughing all the way to the bank. Destiny will be good but will never top halos 50mill sales.

Volkama1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

I don't think it has anything to do with Bungie trying to cosy up to PS fans or favour them over XBox fans.

This is all about the publishing deal with Activision. Activision do not want to put all their eggs in 1 basket, and they want to keep both platform holders on-side. They are doing that by striking major deals with both platform holders. COD, Destiny.

And it is working for them. Surely you noticed that both Sony and Microsoft opened up their E3 presentations with a showcase of their respective Activision property? Bobby Kotick is laughing it up.