Freedom Wars Producer Responds To Players Who Say The Game Is Too Tough

It’s been about a week since Freedom Wars released in Japan and players seem to be having a tough time with the game’s difficulty. Producer Junichi Yoshizawa responded and announced some free DLC.

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jonatan2211573d ago

I think this is good. I mean I probably will fail miserably but I think most complaints come from easy AI. While this isn't much better, what can be done is to just include an easier difficulty and then have this as a hardcore mode!

ITPython1572d ago

Japanese players complaining about a game being too difficult? Wow, this must be a first. The Japanese culture is pretty big on devotion and are extremely obsessive and dedicated. They crave nearly impossible challenges.

Usually the harder a game is, the more they like it because it requires them to memorize and master everything to almost pure perfection in order to succeed.

I'm sure there is still quite a lot of people in Japan who are making this game their life's work, and do nothing but eat, sleep and play the game till their hands are bloody and bruised and all that's left of their fingers are soar nubs filed down to almost nothing.

If somebody were to assign a mental aliment a country of origin, OCD would be Japan.

ninjahunter1572d ago

Get good.

Haha, then again years of planetside 2 campaign have conditioned me. Its fun, if you enjoy a challenge. Too many players these days are conditioned to hold forward to win.

admiralvic1572d ago

I suggest watching this video , which gives you an idea of what they're talking about. While a lot of the deaths are avoidable (the video is just giving you an idea), you can see at certain points the person just gets blown away out of nowhere (like at 0:47). These are also just grunts, not the bosses or anything special, so I can certainly see where people are coming from.

Like I platinumed Declassified and despite thinking both games can be conquered by mastering everything, that is hardly fun or enjoyable. Especially since these issues look to be less human error and more absurdly powerful AI.

Codewow1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Based on that video it seems just like diablo 3 on the highest torment level when it first released. Basically everything two shots you if you aren't moving constantly. Which a lot of people adapted and overcame. But it does seem like some of the AI were a bit overpowered, like the sniper guys .

jonatan2211571d ago

Thanks for sharing that video, I wasn't aware it was like that. I figured it was just the bosses, but I can see how these things can get annoying.

Fullmetalevolust1572d ago

I saw a video where even the run of the mill grunts kill you in matter of seconds and another where there's just too many to do anything about
I hope they balance out the difficulty.

Revengeance1572d ago

If Japanese players are saying it's too tough then it's the truth. They are like gaming gods so for them to complain instills a bit of worry. Hopefully it wil be balanced before it's Western release.

Inception1572d ago

I meet and beat a lot of japanese players in Uncharted and TloU MP and i'm not the most very skillfull players in Uncharted / TloU MP. So no, japanese players aren't gaming gods.

jegheist20141572d ago

exactly right on i seen videos man 2 shots kills its fast paced action to max this is most gorgeous vita title i seen yet im pumped for this game

Inception1572d ago

It's like Natural Doctrine case when a lot of people complaint the game is "too hard" and Kadokawa gave up with an easy mode patch.

Hopefully sony will not remove this difficulty and just give an easy mode for players who complaint.

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