Sony: Project Morpheus virtual reality headset is a significant investment

The virtual reality technology Project Morpheus is "the new frontier of game development" and represents a significant investment by the company, Sony's games chief has said.

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60FramesPerSecond1571d ago

VR will be amazing when it really kicks off. Big budget games on vr! cant wait

S2Killinit1570d ago

indeed, it will be the change gamers keep asking for. A whole new way to game. (:
I share your excitement. if only they would announce a release date already

hkgamer1570d ago

however, morpheous would not provide big budget games on the device :P

would probably end up with kinect like games. basicly huge promises on immersive gameplay but no devs taking the riskm tomproduce those games.

iDadio1570d ago

Still a bit dubious about it, I read about the wonders of 3D gaming at one point and that seems to have died down so Ill wait to see if this kicks off.

Dont get me wrong the tech does intrigue me and looks like it could give a completely different immersive feel, but still...

HighResHero1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

I hear ya. I think both 3D and VR can be relevant if done correctly. They have to be streamlined and simple for consumers while being easy and cheap to incorporate by devs. 3DS is not going anywhere for example.
In the past, VR wasn't practical to implement on a mass-market scale in any worthwhile way, but that seems to have changed. Hopefully the high cost of this investment means that they will SUPPORT it and maybe they had plans for the PS Move after all.

SideNote1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

Come ps5, everybody will be wanting games and not vr features like what happened with microsofts kinect. Do i really have to add IMO to appease the trolls..bah, ive got my valarian steel ready.

SideNote1570d ago

That's 2 down (Fighting stance) 'bring it'...😊

mayberry1570d ago

After seeing so many videos of well repected "geeks" try VR and overwhelmingly say its "legit", and see other companys aquire VR tech for billions of dollars, and watch grown people scream with excitement while viewing it, I am very excited for VR!

MonstaTruk1570d ago

I don't know. If this is as major of an investment as SONY is letting on, they can't sh*t the bed on this. The VR aspect of Morpheus has to be ready-to-go, would behoove SONY to have this device also use as a HMD. I need compatibility with ALL my PS4 games with this device, VR or not...