The SHIELD Tablet Looks To Be The Next Gaming Device by NVIDIA

A certification entry on the Global Certification Forum was spotted of a SHIELD Tablet by NVIDIA. Details of the device have yet to be confirmed, but rumors have surfaced that NVIDIA was planning to unveil a device on July 22.

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1572d ago
JBSleek1572d ago

Just give me the Shield 2 please with 1080p screen.

Half_Minute_Hero1571d ago

You don't need 1080P on a screen that size. My galaxy 3 has a 720P screen and the 4 has a 1080P screen and I can't see the pixels on either even if I hold it an inch away from my face. So what's the need for 1080?

TWB1571d ago

I really agree with you though Im sure some people will disagree, anything higher than 720p isnt needed in a phone and 1080p for tablets.

I think I have seen a 2k tablet already, why ?

JBSleek1571d ago

You can defiantly see the difference. I have an HTC One and I can tell the difference between that and the Moto X with 720p screens. Especially when it comes to pictures.

bumnut1571d ago

I can tell the difference and so can lots of other people. Higher res is always better imo, You really notice it when you go back to a lower res screen.

I have a friend who would agree with you 100%, but he also says the eye can't see more than 30 fps.

user56695101571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

I just want the powerful k1 chip in it so we can play PS2 games on the go plus more indie game support. I think that's why sells have slowed down everyone is want to the shield 2.

I do not want a tablet

bumnut1571d ago

Did you have a Shield 1?

I like the idea of game streaming and wanted to know how many blue tooth controllers it can support at once.

mobigamer1571d ago

A bigger screen will definitely be a nicer option and provides a high quality gaming experience.

ginsunuva1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

Seems like Shield's just a brand name now rather than the original device name.

But it seems like a good tablet to buy anyway, even not for gaming. In fact according to the specs, it may be the best tablet out this year. 8" = best size.

silvacrest1571d ago

They should make a shield phone, make it compact, maybe borrow the design from a 3ds, I would actually buy that

I have enough tech that I don't want another handheld to play at home, and the shield is to big to take out side all the time

herobyclicking1571d ago

I agree with the size of the Shield. I had one for a bit and loved it, it was just a beast to lug around.

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