‘It’s harder to make an original casual game than to make a hardcore game’, Yellow Monkey Studios

Games in Asia says: "Yellow Monkey Studios isn’t your average Indian game developer. Most Indian devs are at ease making games about Bollywood and cricket, and are content just with shipping games out."

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3-4-51595d ago

No it's not. You just need ACTUAL good ideas, something that is lacking within the gaming industry.

F4sterTh4nFTL1595d ago

Silly statement. Try making a Mass Effect or Uncharted instead of a mobile game and tell me what was easier.

Ulf1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

I hope he's talking from a business/marketing perspective, because if he's talking from a dev team perspective, he's a... well he's not very bright.

MilkMan1595d ago

Just keep making them Angry Birds and Candy Nutz'll get paid in no time.

Gh05t1595d ago

Only in one way would I ever say that it is true only if you are looking at it from a relation of market share.

It is much harder to make a casual game that will grab 1/10 the casual market than it is to create a hardcore game and grab 1/10 of that respective genres market. But the reasons are population and a flooded market.

I would say as far as ACTUALLY CREATING the game I would disagree.