Forza Horizon 2 integrates Kinect with ANNA

A lot of negative publicity has occurred since E3 2014 around the lack of Kinect support for future titles. Honestly, besides Disney's Fantasia, there certainly was a lack of games at E3 that did incorporate it. Forza Horizon 2, however, is finding a way to implement the camera for its game due out in September.

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mhunterjr1570d ago

A voice guided gps is a no brainer for an open world racer. Never take your hands off the wheel. I honestly wished GTA5 Would use voice for some of the quick menu interactions... Hopefully this will become a trend.

christocolus1570d ago

It sounds really intriguing. Can't wait to see what playground comes up with.

VealParmHero1569d ago

This what I have though all along. I mean not necessarily this exact feature, but just that kinect may not have been hated so strongly had MS shown some practical uses, such as this.

Then again, they were still forcing on everyone

60FramesPerSecond1570d ago

I hate Kinect, I really do. But, i love forza horizon. I feel conflicting opinions on this article.

mhunterjr1570d ago

Why the conflict? if you don't want to use it, you don't have to. But there is a fair amount of people who bought the xbox one with kinect in hopes that there would be compelling uses for it.

otherZinc1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

My family loves Kinect, they use it to control the tv & channels all day. I only turn the tv on when my hands are full, other than that, I work the tv with the controller.

I'd buy the Kinect XBOX Bundle again. This Forza Horizon 2 feature doesn't surprise me at all. Only haters of M$ thought M$ gave up on Kinect.

My friends can't wait to use it for Fantasy Football. They said they're going to Snap that feature all day Sunday, Monday, & Thursday while watching tv or playing games.

corvusmd1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

This is actually and awesome way to use Kinect for this kind of game. Simple but effective. However, whoever wrote the article forgot that, while there wasn't a huge Kinect presence during the conference, there was a decent size on the floor with D4 (option to play with Kinect) and other indie games). During the show we saw Fantasia, Shape Up, and Dance there was at least more than JUST Fantasia.

Another interesting aspect to this is that FH2 a gorgeous open-world racer, which dynamic weather, and seamless online integration is running at 1080p 30fps...but if they are still intigrating Kinect voice features and potentially visual appears they have created a game that does all that and rivals all the other best looking racing games out there ...WITHOUT using the June XDK to remove Kinect features in game.

@60 I get the hesitation to use Kinect, I really do, but I love the thing now...and not even for really gaming. I love little features like this and navigation of the UI and such...maybe just give it another chance, it really is an awesome piece of tech.

rdgneoz31569d ago

Only problem with the voice commands are that they can be done without the need for a $150 to $200 camera (seeings as MS is selling kinect for window's v2 for $200 atm). Other systems have used mics (PS4, PS360, PCs) for voice commands in various games, mics that you can get cheap. There hasn't been a game (non casual) that has made people truly want a kinect, instead of that $100 savings.

Bigpappy1569d ago

It is way more convenient than having to strap something to your head every time you want to say something to you Xbox (which I do quite a lot): Xbox record that! Snap Skype! Bing "?" Go Home! Go to Ryse: Son of Rome.

1569d ago
VealParmHero1569d ago

good point about hitting 1080 and still using kinect. And at least thus far, the foliage and such looks more detailed than in FM5. I know racers tend to be a bit easier to make pretty than some other genres, and that the game is at 30fps and not 60 like with FM5, but still, interesting none the less. I would think more exclusives, especially 1st party, will begin to follow this trend.

Also, I think once the negative stigma around kinect dies down a bit, more people will give it a chance. I really enjoy the little features as you said. Not to mention, more features are to come, hopefully things like the cortana software etc.

koliosis1569d ago

Kinect integration is gonna be sweet!!!

lameguy1569d ago

Hmmm. The article says the 'camera' will be used but it sounds like just voice will be necessary; so you can ask ANNA where to go and get directions etc.

Remember: Camera == allowing Kinect to dip it's dirty hands back into the GPU cookie jar. Voice == basically same as the 360 and more cookies for the Game.

lameguy1569d ago

I'm unsure what the disagrees are about?

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