Media Create software sales (6/23 - 6/29)

This week's Japanese software sales include a big Freedom Wars debut and Watch Dogs.

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Whxian1569d ago

not a bad number for freedom wars, it even boosted the vita sales quite a bit

Kurisu1569d ago

Freedom Wars looks great! Hopefully it will be compatible with PS TV.

Whxian1569d ago

it was already confirmed to be ps tv capable on the us ps blog

wonderfulmonkeyman1569d ago

Bit of a bad week for Mario Kart, but still strong overall.

izumo_lee1569d ago

Pretty solid numbers for Freedom Wars considering it's a new IP. Hopefully with good word of mouth it will have some staying power on the charts.

Vita is looking good in Japan, too bad the rest of the world can't see how great the system truly is. Playing Final Fantasy 10 on the go is sooooo good.

Geobros1569d ago

Watch Dogs failed in Japan? Very very low sales for first week...

Rob_Ko1569d ago

over 3.3 milions of Monster Hunter 4. wow

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