Media Create hardware sales (6/23 - 6/29)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1621d ago

Wii u seems to be stabilizing around 10k in Japan, and that's before exclusives like Hyrule Warriors and Xenoblade X come out.
The system looks like it should have a healthy life in Japan, going forward, despite the rise of mobile gaming.

mshope101621d ago

Don't tell the hater's.its been the top selling home console for awhile now in Japan but nobody will give it credit.and yes it has Mario kart 8 but until September thats it!

bouzebbal1621d ago

it disgusts me that Vita gets many games in Japan and not in the western world.
Also, seems like home consoles really are struggling due to lack of quality titles for the japanese market.

i do not understand what it helps to release a home console in a very special market like Japan and not offer gamer out there the games they are expecting. Of course gamers over there will give up any trust in console games when key publishers don't offer anything.

MotherLight1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Credit? People have been giving it lots of credit, still no matter how you look at it consoles are selling badly in Japan. I know for a fact that everyone thought Mario Kart 8 would push way more than this but since it hasn't I guess people are just calling this good now, I'm not.

Wii U is selling better in NA and Europe, like everything else for that matter besides the Vita.

The 3DS sales can be expected I guess since it has been out a while and I can bet by now almost every person in Japan that wanted one has one.

The big picture though is that everything other than handhelds is down by pretty big margins in Japan's gaming industry but instead people try to spin it like it is good news. I really don't get why people just can't accept it for what it is.

I would say the same thing if the PS4 or Xbox One was the top selling console in Japan and had those same numbers, they are bad numbers. So it isn't like I am singling out the Wii U.

I just find it odd people think sales that low and especially how quickly the sales have fallen since MK8 are good numbers. MK8 really didn't move that many consoles in Japan either even when it released the numbers were embarrassing and nothing what anyone expected, of course most people can't admit that, as everyone said just wait and see the sales will increase but all they have been doing is getting lower and lower since.

I am hoping for a much bigger rise in sales than this in the future, more in line with what consoles used to sell like in Japan but maybe that time has passed there or maybe it is just this tax increase but those numbers to me aren't good.

gerbwmu1621d ago

I really think the Wii U will have a good 2nd half of 2014 in Japan. Hyrule Warriors in August starts what should be a good run of games (Bayonetta, Toad, SSB) in Japan for the system by the holiday season and depending on when X releases, which is currently schedule for 2014 in Japan, we may see a lot of units moved before we get to January.

I'm interested to see if XB1 can make a dent in the Japan market come September. Will be interesting to see what they can do after the struggles of the 360.

PlayStation 4 will start selling better when it starts releasing more "Japanese" style games.

60FramesPerSecond1621d ago

I think Smash bros and zelda will push it to #1, at least for a few weeks

jcnba281621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Wii U still outselling PS4 in Japan but of course this website will continue to ignore these stats.

bouzebbal1621d ago

since when is PS4 and Wii U competing with each other?
i can tell 3DS is outselling PS4 but does this comparison make sense?

jcnba281621d ago

Wii U, PS4 and X1 are all 8th gen consoles therefore they're competing with each other.

lilbroRx1621d ago

Yes, the 3DS comparison makes sense. Its a game device and its part of the same generation.

They are in direct competition for gaming sales and usage time.

izumo_lee1621d ago

In reply to your above comment about how the vita gets all the games in Japan and not here in the west is cause the majority of the west don't care for the vita.

If people started giving a damn about the vita than Sony as well as other publishers will release more games. It's that unfair cycle whether to release games that nobody will care or wait for people to care than release games.

It's a tough place for Sony to be In, they want to support the vita so badly but if it isn't doing well enough to garner that support you take care of what is being supported and that's the PS4.

XabiDaChosenOne1621d ago

How is this helping its sales overall? Selling a little more than 3k more than the PS4 is not helping the WiiUs situation in the slightest and not stopping the PS4s domination. When these two factors change that's when people will start to care.

thehobbyist1621d ago

"The PS4's domination" the VITA, THE DAMN VITA is outselling PS4 in Japan. A console people were SURE Sony was going to drop.

Neonridr1621d ago

but the PS4 isn't dominating in Japan, and when Hyrule Warriors drop, or Smash Brothers, the Wii U sales will take off while the PS4 still only sells 7-8k per week. Japan needs KH3 or FFXV before we really start to see the PS4 take off. GTA V onn PS4 will even do pretty well based off the PS3 numbers it did in Japan.

XabiDaChosenOne1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

@the both of you, bu bu are both beating around the bush. You still have not answered how these numbers are benefiting the WiiU's situation.

The 10th Rider1620d ago

Well, they are absolutely horrible numbers for all three consoles, but if the Wii U can continually outsell the PS4 it can maintain a solid install base lead in Japan which would help with Japanese third party support.

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MNGamer-N1621d ago

WiiU needs the good news. And it needs to continue on this pace and not drop off again.

awesomeabe19981621d ago

Its funny how blind some people can be. Although the Wii U has been outselling PS4 in Japan for a while now, peiple will still say that this is a fluke or that the Wii U will drop and thr PS4 will beat it. Just face it guys! Nintendo has Japan locked down with the 3ds and Wii U. Unless PS4 gets more Japanese games it wont dominate Japan.

This is still the beginning for Wii U too. They Wii U has 3 Japanese tailored exclusives coming out in the rest of 2014. Bayo 2 Xenoblade Chronicles X and Hyrule Warriors. They also have SSB4 which is a universal game.


DualWielding1621d ago

The PS4 has KH3 and FFXV which probably won't be out till 2016 but when those two come out it'll outsell the Wii U in Japan. ( I know they are also on Xbone but I'm pretty sure the Japanese would be playing them on PS4)

Metallox1621d ago

The Wii U will have a good bunch of games by then you know. It will be interesting this battle indeed.

Ol_G1621d ago

Those games will surely sell but they are still 2 years away and that's a long time with nothing for japan

Skylar1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

"When those two come out" I just couldn't help but laugh.

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