World of Tanks Was Almost A Fantasy MMO

Grab It has run a world exclusive with Wargaming on the recent release of World of Tanks on iOS and has published an interesting quote about where the series almost ended up.

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SlappingOysters1568d ago

I think we can safely say they made the right decision.

CoyoteHunter1567d ago

Still - having put that idea in my head I wouldn't mind seeing what they would have come up with :P Maybe they should make it anyway - sort of like how those April Fools pranks sometimes turn into real games!

LeeFace1567d ago

Not sure how that would have worked.. I think they made the right decision too.

unsaved_progress1567d ago

I think some sort of middleground, like a steampunk alternate history fantasy MMO with tanks and trains and wizards and stuff woulda been awesome ;)

SlappingOysters1567d ago

Yeah. Maybe the DICE guys could do that. They could put Dragon Age into the Battlefield engine perhaps.

shipnabottle1567d ago

Maybe they will branch out into a different theme/setting one day when they are done with all the various war-related stuff they might go back to fantasy based stuff?