Watch_Dogs is everything that's currently wrong with games

MWEB GameZone writes: "We take a step back and look at why Watch_Dogs’ failures are more unsettling in what it tells us about our culture and community than what it says about the game itself."

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HanCilliers1571d ago

What a brilliant read. We all know the danger of hype, yet it seems we keep on falling for it with the release of every big game. Then we get so mad at the devs for not delivering what we thought they would, that we turn into raging lunatics. It seems that the majority of gamers will always be suckers for the promise of next-gen" this or next-gen that.

Indie's where it's at ;)

Hellsvacancy1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

You can't blame people for wanted better things, maybe if Ubisoft released footage of how the game ACTUALLY looks when you buy it there wouldn't be as much of a problem

They do it will nearly all their games, Far Cry 3, WatchDogs, The Division to name afew

They wouldn't get away with it if they did it in another market, false advertising

iamnsuperman1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

I don't know about you but they did. Right before release and after the hiatus (i.e. delay) all they showed is what we got. There were a load of articles about it. The only thing that didn't match up was the initial reveal which was more (like every new generation) was guess work

Ubisoft tends to have an issue of showing games way to early (which is what I attribute to the retail version never looking the same). However, they also have an obsession with showing too much and before release those always look like what we will get in the final product

HanCilliers1571d ago

Well said, I just think the hype can be toned down just a bit by the publishers

Baka-akaB1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

I sure can blame then and the "press" , when they randomly compare it all the time to other titles like GTA . Sure Ubisoft messed up with the original target rendering and the final graphics ... but most if not all of the promising gameplay and gaming content is indeed there in the game .

Personally if i found an area of the game very lacking , it was the story and how bland and uninteresting the hero actually is . Wich they can , and probably will fix , in the unavoidable sequel

SnotyTheRocket1571d ago

Maybe if you'd watched trailers released recently before the game came out, you wouldn't have been disappointed. Why is f*cking everyone basing their arguments off a demo from over 2 years ago. A lot of devs make their game look better at E3. The Last of Us, not in graphics, but AI. And I truly believe TLoU is the best game ever made. Or Dark Souls. People bitched about Dark Souls, but it didn't go this far.

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Skizelli1571d ago

Hype is of our own making. These developers are only trying to sell their product. It's a business after all. I don't agree with some of their tactics, but it's up to us as consumers to be smarter about it. I didn't join the Watch Dogs hype train, which probably explains why I enjoyed it so much.

iceman061571d ago

I agree. This tactic has been around for AGES! I don't see people getting upset when they go to McDonald's and the Big Mac doesn't look like the one on the commercials (that are heavily post produced by food artists). Why? Because we already KNOW that it won't. It's pretty much the same with any company that has a track record with this tactic. I was hyped for Watch_Dogs, but it had less to do with the gameplay and more to do with the hacking mechanic. If people were complaining more about THAT...well okay. But, we have ALL seen graphics be downgraded/augmented in the past. In fact, the PS2 era was dominated by CG trailers where we KNEW that we weren't getting that in gameplay. I think next-gen syndrome sucked people into not tempering their expectations. As you said, it's truly up to US to be smarter about these tactics. We know they are being used. We even know which companies tend to use them the most. In the immortal words of former US president Bush, "Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me can't fool me again!"

plut0nash1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

I feel like the need to provide eye candy while letting players blow crap up is a far greater priority than real depth. Stories are mostly hacked together and presented as motivations for killing. We do alot of killing in games, I'll admit that - but having real reasons to do so is so much more immersive.

Also, Watch Dogs was pitched as deep and morally questioning. Therein lies the problem. If it were sold as a game that let you hack, shoot and blow up as much as you wanted (GTAV), wherever you wanted then this wouldn't be a problem. Marketing is the problem for me. Tomb Raider 2013 was marketed as a survival game with Lara steeped with dirt and scars, yet it turned out to be a fun killing simulator with guns, bows and explosives.

I wish that we'd get told what games are to start off with, then we'd avoid much of the emptiness that comes from hindsight.

HanCilliers1571d ago

Very few triple A games actually succeed in delivering deep and morally questioning" games, if any! The target audience is still more interested in graphics, guns and action, not to mention sexy wimminz ;)

DanielGearSolid1571d ago

Gosh dang, so many "Me" and "I" in this article it hurts

HanCilliers1571d ago

Well it is an opinion piece...

ironfist921571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

Nothing will ever meet peoples overly-high expectations of anything.

I dont know why people continue to "hype" themselves, when just a few weeks, or even days later theres a barrage of comments along the lines of "it was shit, returned it the next day, cant wait for the next game!", time and time again.

Its like gamers have a severe case of ADHD these days. I approach new games objectively, analyse what they offer, the potential it has, the underlying themes and the concepts theyre playing with.

Most importantly, the gameplay and how unique and or different it is to break the trend of derivative and copy-paste gameplay from one genre to another.

I honestly cant even begin to comprehend all this graphics controversy, seems like everyone and their dog complains about this "downgrade" debacle. Yes it looks slightly inferior to what was originally shown, but it doesnt look bad at ALL! Its still a beautifully rendered game and fully realised world.

Hype and Graphics isn't whats wrong with the industry, its how gamers and journalists react to them which is.

HanCilliers1571d ago

I agree with you that journalists need to be more careful of adding to the hype, but publishers should also not promise things that they can't deliver. For example, the "connectedness & hacking" of Chicago in Watch_Dogs. Hacking didn't really provide a challenge and the concept of ubiquitous computing was really not as strong a feature as Ubisoft advertised.

ironfist921571d ago

They showed exactly what what was being delivered on the gameplay front. Whether it was challenging or not is purely subjective and based on the consumer, not the product itself.

starchild1571d ago

Some of you seem so immature and naive about the way the world really works. It's like you have never encountered marketing speak before and the exaggeration and hype that go along with it.

Nearly every product out there is marketed with buzzwords and exaggeration, but most of us know to tone down our expectations a few notches and do a little of our own research.

It blows me away that some people actually take that stuff to heart. When a game publisher or developer says something like "a living, breathing world" do you guys really believe that the world in the game actually exists somewhere and there are sentient lifeforms that populate it? And then get butthurt when you find out it really isn't?

mcarsehat1568d ago

Journalists reacted well to the finished game. What worries me is the wannabe journalists that post self indulgent opinion pieces on the internet because "They have the right answers."

With people aged from 16 to about 25 comes a rebellious streak that called be put down until they mature into later years and it is these people that are the most outspoken on the internet, it will come to a time where the best of games or films will just become down right hated for no reason.

brainfart1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

I was very disappointed with WD, but truth be told we should expect a fair share of crappy and unoptimize games from ubisoft, think about it ,why do you think dev companies like Nd, Bungie, and Cd projekt make great games because they dont focus on 10 games at once.A company like Ea, Activision, and ubi are more about quantity than quality thats why you will see more shitty games from the last three company's I mention!

ironfist921571d ago

Ubisoft is nothing like Activision or EA.

Lesser of three evils, sure, but they sure make a helluva lot more ambitious titles than rehashing the same crap every year. (And before you bark like a dog, AC isnt included in that example as each game provides us with entirely new setting, characters, story, and refinement in gameplay)

brainfart1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

I have to say being a pc player I had more problems playing ubi games(optimization).I have a valid point bf4 had more bugs than a rain forest ac4 and the ac4 with the black guy still playes like crap.not saying other dev dont have these problem, but ubi and ea have more problems than your average dev!

starchild1571d ago

AC4 doesn't run like crap on PC. It's just difficult to achieve 60fps. I have no problem running the game at 2048 x 1152 resolution with TXAA and get a consistent 30fps. I might be running it at 30fps, but it looks quite a bit better than the console versions.

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