You're not Cthulhuan anyone, Kraken - Hands-On with Evolve’s New Monster - AusGamers

AusGamers went hands-on with Evolve's new Kraken monster class and writes:

"It’s probably easiest to talk about the differences between playing as Goliath and Kraken in metaphors. Goliath, for example, is like a walking, hulking rock -- he’s lumbering and mean, strong and heavy. Kraken on the the other hand, is organic and fluid - it’s like he’s constantly shifting through a body of water, especially when he’s hovering. So we have two metaphorical elements that serve as foundations for your experience with each, but their depth in relation to these elements is vast and open -- how you’ll choose to take advantage of all that’s on offer will mean the difference between filling your belly, or winding up as a trophy on a hunter’s wall."

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