Ubisoft is Making a Habit Out of Downgrading Their Games, It's Time They Owned Up To It

8CN: Another next-gen game may be taking a graphical nosedive, and Ubisoft is at the center of it... again. According to a company insider, the official trailer we saw at E3 for The Division is not true to the anticipated final product. In fact, if their information is true, we're looking at the exact same situation we ran into with Watch_Dogs. I'm here to say that enough is enough.

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XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

It reminds me of a McDonald's ad. It looks so good on display and they when you have it in front of you, it looks like crap in comparison

Kingthrash3601568d ago

Yeah I look at game reveals but I only take hands on demos and reviews seriously. Its a bad old trend of bait and switch...I choose to ignore it.

crxss1567d ago

it's not the downgrading part that irks me, it's that they show a game that clearly has better visuals than their 3rd party games are capable of and are later forced to reveal what they actually look like. false advertising.

badz1491567d ago

People need to learn. These so called downgrades are not downgrades to begin with. They are just like live action trailers to promote their game using mostly impossible to achieve render as far as current hardwares are concerened. At least, that's how I take it.

But seriously, who the hell honestly thought that "that's how it will look like" when they first saw Watch Dog and The division? I didn't and I don't think there were any "actual gameplay footage" stated in the trailers like how Infamous games always do, right? Or were they? I don't really remember but what I remember is myself thinking "there's no way the final game will look like THAT!"

UltraNova1567d ago

Maybe if someone with a lot of money and patience sues then for they will eventually add the a disclaimer in their trailers saying 'this is not actual gameplay'...just saying...

yess1568d ago

Yeah, but as long as the taste is good, i couldn't care less.

It's getting tiresome to listen to the winning of graphics downgrades when it's obvious no platform is capable of doing anything "out of the ordinary", and the games are adjusted to what is possible with current technology and software.

averagejoe261567d ago

It's getting tiresome to you that people are upset over being lied to?

CHB_Aries831567d ago

True, but show a real representation of what the final product will be. Nobody would ever complain if the graphics went from lower to higher, so in my opinion show what you have and that should be good enough. If you could make it even better than that's just great.

wsoutlaw871567d ago

i think its funny how this article calls it a habit with only one confirmed instance.

Willio1568d ago

They actually have "burger designers" to place the ketchup, pickles, fake meat that people eat, and cheese in "perfect harmony" for the commercials. Notice how the people rarely take a bite.

jivah1567d ago

Its not fake meat. Its real. Its just prepared differently so it looks perfect. I think its grilled 15 secs on. But thats commercials for you.

Ubisoft is simply following suit

Half_Minute_Hero1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

The problem is that they show you PC trailers and everyone goes nuts. PS4 fanboys believe that the game will look like that on their system and are then disappointed when it looks much worse, because they think their system is equivalent to a high end PC, and blame the publisher.

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Str8Chaos741567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

Far Cry 3 was downgraded? That game looks amazing on PC. I agree with Watch Dogs however.

Matt6661568d ago

I don't care as long as I enjoy the gameplay

lnfiniteLoop1568d ago

I was gonna take the pee out of McDonalds with their selfie flurrie compo, and make sure people saw that in comparison to all the ads and pics... lol

MuhammadJA1568d ago

It's all just marketing. They make high resolution trailers with awesome effects to build hype. And since consoles can't handle all that, they downgrade it and make their PC version the worst port.

They could make extra work by making the PC version the best, but they don't want to because the game will be cheaper on PC or gets pirated a lot thus not making enough profits.

starchild1568d ago

Let's put this in proper perspective.

1. Only Far Cry 3 and Watch Dogs suffered downgrades. The Division being downgraded is only an unsubstantiated rumor.

2. Considering that Ubisoft have released many dozens of games, two games does not represent a trend or a norm. They are exceptions to the rule.

3. The vast majority of Ubisoft games have released looking essentially identical, if not a bit better, than their earlier demos.

4. Far Cry 3, despite the downgrade, was still in the top 5 best-looking games on the PC around the time of its release. Watch Dogs, while not as extreme of a case, is still a very good looking game.

5. We've know for a long time before these games came out that there were some changes or downgrades to the graphics. To claim that we were misled and didn't know what we were buying is absurdly disingenuous.

mananimal1567d ago

@starchild #1.8

spoken like a true corporate apologist.

N4GDgAPc1567d ago

People don't understand every game pretty much is downgraded. When games are shown early I garrented that 95% it will be downgraded. It's part of development.

SSJBen1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

1. AC3 was downgraded, the difference wasn't as apparent simply because it was a PS3/360 game.

2. 2 big-profile games that would lay the path for their financial earnings for their respective fiscal years? Lol.

3. Too bad majority of them are a bug fest, except 2D sidescrollers (Rayman).

4. Okay, fair point. But advertising and selling a product (pre-orders, remember?) based on an early, unfinished and a game that is not representative of its first unveiling is technically — cheating. Fortunately for Ubisoft, there are too many blind gamers that don't care.

5. We all know, yes. But why do the devs keep denying when asked about any potential downgrades? Sure, they need to protect the company's shares on the stock market, but that's still blatantly lying to the customers.

Magicite1567d ago

I really hope Division will be a big thing, but just like a watch dogs, it has built tons of hype, looks visually amazing and with a innovative gameplay.
Ubisoft, please don't screw up on this one!

BattleTorn1567d ago

It's funny that you make that comparison, cause there is a very alarming similarity.

I recently watched a YT video where this guy (the cell phone bomber guy) would go into fastfood joints and ask for their signature burger, then complain that it "doesn't look like the one on their website" -- and would have them remake it. Surprisingly most of the establishments accommodated the guy, and made a shockingly better looking burger (in *some* cases)!

This analogy of ours makes me wonder, should we - as gamers - be going back to the counter and asking [Ubisoft] to 're-make' our burgers!?

If we ask, they might surprise us... ?

AgentSmithPS41567d ago

The trouble would be getting human gamers to work together in large numbers, that can be like herding cats ;). While they're at it they can 're-make' some of the AI in WD.

DAS6921567d ago

Load of bull. What about the modder that found all of the INTENTIONALLY DISABLED bloom effects and depth of field data in the WatchDogs dev files. Ubisoft disabled it on purpose. For "Parity" and that isn't fair to the people who pay more to USE those graphic capabilities. It shouldn't take a modder to do their job for them, and i'm almost CERTAIN that the PS4 and X1 can BOTH provide better visuals than that crap. Do I have to remind you of the GTAV Trailer? C'mon man. I wouldn't care so much if they didn't do it ALL THE TIME, but it's getting ridiculous now. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Far Cry 3, Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell.

liquidhalos1567d ago

As long as they don't downgrade the gameplay I'll still give them a chance for their more interesting ips, the division is a good example

BitbyDeath1567d ago

I'd have to rewatch the trailer but i'm pretty sure they downgraded that too on Watchdogs.

windblowsagain1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

All companies do this.

I used to take the photo's of items to make them look awesome. Some food items were not even food,lol.

It's to make a product look it's best.

Abit like the Songs people do covers of. That's why they all use Condenser microphones. Make them sound better then use a normal recording device.

AgentSmithPS41567d ago

What goes Ub must come down.

j0ncap1251567d ago

Funny thing about that... Recently a guy went from fast food joint to fast food joint calling them out on how the food looked in comparison to the commercials. The video went viral and hit the news, and then about two days ago I went to a Burgerking and all my food was absolutely perfect. My double cheeseburgers looked like the ones in the commercial, as did my chicken sandwich. What does this have to do with video games? I don't know, but damn did that burger and chicken sandwich taste so good...

Joey_Leone1567d ago

If Ubisoft downgrades Rainbow6, I am officially done with them.

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AngelicIceDiamond1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

"According to the source, there was, "a lot of push coming from publishers to not make the experience so different on consoles as to alienate people into thinking that next generation is not as powerful as PC."

Ok considering The Division was originally on console and ported to PC now.

So according to the rumors Ubisoft is intentionally downgrading consoles to make PC look great. Almost like "PC has no equal"

Wow we'll see when it releases. I dunno what to believe.

EDIT: There's more....

"While 'Yes'’ the lead platform is the PC," the Ubisoft insider added, "we simply cannot have such a big gap."

If true I'm true then I'm question myself if I wanna buy their games from now.

That's unacceptable.

BattleAxe1568d ago

It's unacceptable only if you don't own a PC.

MysticStrummer1568d ago

Most PCs won't run the game with the kind of detail shown at the reveal.

AnEwGuY1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

@ BattleAxe

No, you just don't understand. This means that hardcore PC gamers are getting screwed out of a game that could really push their rig, and allow them to see the fruits of their investment.
My current build has an i7 OC'd to 5GHz, 16GB of Corsair Vengeance 1866MHz RAM, and a Gigabyte GTX780ti...yet Skyrim with dozens of mods is still the only game I've played that makes my PC break a sweat. Watch_Dogs, Thief, AC4, BF5, Wolfenstein TNO, and anything else you could name from the past year all run maxed out, @ 1080p 60+fps, with no effort. I only own X1 and PS4 for the exclusives, because multiplats are always superior on my PC...but by as much as they COULD be.

DAS6921567d ago

That is exactly why their are GRAPHICS SETTINGS on PC. You may be right that SOME PC's can't run the game at that quality, but for those that can, give them the option. Don't compromise just because some entry-level PC gamer can't run it on "Ultra" People pay good money for these rigs. Give them what they want. The entry-level PC gamer can use the entry-level graphics.

Cernunnos1568d ago

Yup, it is completely unacceptable. Watch Dogs is the last Ubi game that I will ever buy.

bixxel1568d ago

U'll say that again next year after playing WD 2.

Cernunnos1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

I will probably play WD2 Bixxel, but I am not going to be paying for it ;)

Of course, that depends if it works. I still haven't gotten past the first 2 hours in Watch Dogs, due to its unplayable performance. The stuttering gives me headaches. I've requested a refund, but Ubisoft have not replied.

I've not pirated video games the last 6 years, I bet I buy more games than most people on this site, but I am making an exception with Ubisoft titles.

spaceg0st1568d ago

seemed like he was stating that they were downgrading the PC version, in order to avoid making console owners jealous.

OldDude1567d ago

That is exactly what he is saying.

SaturdayNightBeaver1568d ago

No one should buy their games. But almost no one also cares about it, they just go and buy it on release day ,ignoring everything thats wrong. There is just too many people playing games today , majority don't even know whats going on.Now if everyone had same opinion as we do, well i don't think we'd had to deal with this bullshit , ubi would be long bankrupt..

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iamnsuperman1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Are people really surprised by this. It makes sense for Ubisoft to do this to their PC games. Most of their sales are going to come from consoles but Ubisoft needs people to upgrade quickly so they can drop support for the aging systems and make more money (last generation games are cheaper now). Have a wildly better PC version isn't going to speed up the upgrade process. It won't make people get a PC either (for other issues).

All in all does it matter that much? Downgrades happen at the start of all generations since companies have to guess what a system can do (it is bad when it comes from the platform maker). It isn't common practice except for year one or two (for obvious reasons). But these soon go (or might have already gone) because companies will be making games with these systems from day one. PC games have ways been modded to look better (look at skyrim and GTA). It isn't like ubisoft are releasing a game that looks like arse nor one that looks worse than the console versions

TheGenkz1568d ago

I think the problem isn't so much with the downgrade itself, it's that Ubisoft is straight up lying to us about it.

With Watch_Dogs, the option to beef the game back up was still in there in the PC version and modders found it, yet Ubisoft continued to deny what they did. They're treating us like we're stupid, and it's frankly a little insulting.

starchild1568d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

You see, that's just complete bullshit. Everything they have shown since that E3 demo 2 years ago has looked pretty much identical to the game I am playing today. If you were misled it's only due to your own stupidity. That might sound harsh but it's the plain truth.

Anybody with eyes and half a brain has known what to expect from Watch Dogs for a LONG TIME. It's not like they showed something that looked like the E3 2012 demo right up to release and then we buy the game and are suddenly shocked to find it doesn't look as good. No, there have been many gameplay demos and trailers all along showing us what the actual game would look like.

As for the PC version, well, I knew that it would be similar to the PS4 version but with things like better textures, better shadow quality, better anti-aliasing, better screen space ambient occlusion and higher display resolutions. This is pretty typical of what we usually see in multiplats on the PC and it's all we can reasonably expect.

I mean, were people really expecting the PC version to be a whole different version with a radically overhauled graphics engine? If so, they are ignorant of the way this industry really works.

SaturdayNightBeaver1568d ago

But why doesn't watch dogs perform properly even with the downgrade , it fails to run flawlessly on 6 core intel and 6gb gtx titan.. Thats just bullshit , someone just didn't care at all about PC version. And they go and blame piracy for their "low sales".

TheArkatek1567d ago

Mines runs without a problem on ultra with The Worse Mod.

user56695101567d ago

its been know for the longest that companies make more profit on pc. do we need to post links every times someone post this dumb rant. its no reason to downgrade our version of the game. this is the main reason why people pirate and people also pirate on consoles.

and mod doesnt only fix gfx soon their will been mod that changes gameplay didnt people learn anything from skyrim and gtaiv

TWB1568d ago

I dont get why people are now this upset even though it has already been revealed that they left all the E3 bells and whistles into the game files and they can even be turned on. In Far Cry 3s case the downgrade was about as bad as in WDs but it was impossible to turn any of that fancy vegetation on.

MysticStrummer1568d ago

It doesn't upset me exactly, but it does dampen the excitement a little when a new game is revealed. Sure those files are available for WD, but most PCs won't be able to run the game well at that level of detail anyway.

TWB1568d ago

I can get that and even understand downgrades which are done to bring the games max settings more playable for more mid-high end PCs but thats what pisses me off in Far Cry 3s case.

My PC which has a mid range GTX 560ti GPU could run FC3 on (mostly) ultra with very acceptable performance (for SP) but my GPU was already in the aging generation at that point. The downgrade wasnt even needed.

People should still be fairly happy that Ubisoft left WDs advanced graphics there "by accident" for people to find as they havent done so in the previous cases.

Activemessiah1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

How can they own up to it when people are still buying their games? once they have your money, your complaints fall on deaf ear.

Your complaint IS to not support it and say no to their practice.