NBC Sports Anchor Trashes Madden Franchise on National TV

Although Madden is one of gaming's longest-running and most plentiful franchises, it's no secret that not everybody is a fan. While millions of fans line up at midnight every year to get their hands on the next installment of the only pro football game in town, it seems that there's been detractors denouncing it for just as long. Many of the arguments tend to boil down to the same issue: the game doesn't change enough to warrant its frequency. While we've seen these arguments pop up from time to time online, never before has it been the subject of a six minute rant on national television, but that's exactly what Mike Florio did on NBC Sports.

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pompombrum1569d ago

Three years ago, I'd defend EA and say real fans of the sport can recognize the changes and that the price tag was warranted each year. I spent most of my teenage years with the ISS PRO/PES series and each year felt they done just enough to keep it fresh and keep me and my friends happily playing each other for another 12 months. When the inevitable switch to Fifa came about due to Konami's horrible netcode, it felt the same way with fifa, fix the old gameplay issues with the last version, throw in some brand new gameplay elements, tweak the existing ones to near perfection and throw in some new content too, ultimately it lead to me being a happy football/soccer fan for the next 12 months.

However, since Fifa 12 and onwards, that just doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Old existing problems with the last version still exist, new gameplay elements feel more gimmicky than functional and overall the amount of upgrades for each of the game modes is becoming more and more minimal. Just look at Fifa 15, they are talking about "living pitches" how the grass is and responds to players.. can you really be scraping the bottom of the barrel any further to try and think up of new reasons to buy your yearly update?

I know this is a Fifa rant and I can't comment on Madden however I imagine Madden fans are probably in a similar boat.

mikeslemonade1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

As a Madden and NBA 2k buyer every year.. I gotta say Madden is the better sim. The major complaint is the visuals. The player models for Madden are terrible representation. Not everyone in the NFL has 18 inch arms and buff.

Of course they gotta revamp some of the gameplay but they are gradually improving the gameplay every year so I will not ding them for that. But the player models are the same bodybuilder looking dudes every year that don't resemble the real life players.

mkis0071569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

You need to go play 2k5 on an xbox or ps2... It annihilated madden. Look at what game informer said! "The one football game you must have."

And its success:

To date, ESPN NFL 2K5 has sold over 4.26 million copies worldwide, making it one of the most successful football video games of all time. ESPN NFL 2K5 also holds the distinction of being one of the rare football games to have continued to sell new copies many years after its release.

Fact is EA could not compete so they took their opponent out of the equation.

showtimefolks1569d ago

what's sad is something that was possible on a damn ps2/xbox with nfl 2k5 isn't possible with ps4/xbox one

its not the consoles, its EA

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fun online


EA just keeps buying up exclusive partnerships with NFL and Fifa, so they are the only choice if we want soccer or NFL games.

iceman061569d ago

While Madden might be the better sim now, and that in itself is highly arguable, its success in that area is a direct result of NFL 2K5. EA have simply cherry picked the game apart for "new features" in their Madden game. Presentation aspects, such as halftime and post-game shows, came from 2K. Branching animations for multiple player tackles came from 2K. Player's heads turning or defense and reacting to the ball, as opposed to EA's psychic DB's and LB's, came from 2K. Getting rid of suction blocking animations came because 2K didn't have them. Lead passing, which was total control passing in 2K, came from 2K. I could go on and on, because I used to be one of those diehard EA fans as well. Needless to say that EA pretty much has done very little on their own to make Madden the game that it is today...aside from cherry pick from Visual Concept's NFL 2K 5. Not to mention that I get tired of their need to "focus" on aspects of football every year. One year it's the QB (QB cone?), then it's the RB (remember the lead blocking switching mechanic?), when Ray Lewis was on the cover it was defense. Now we get defense again!?!? Can't we just get a completely focused game of football in ALL aspects!?!?
I'm not hating on EA, I'm stating what has happened. It was a great BUSINESS decision for them. But, it has proven quite bad for those that are looking for the best gaming experience. This is a prime example of how lack of competition can stifle creativity and innovation...simply because devs really don't have to much more than produce a game each year.

Christopher1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

I like this guy.

Edit: I mean the newscaster, not the vblogger who sounds like he would be awesome at a late-night jazz radio program... that smooth voice...

THamm1569d ago

Yes, people need to speak up, just a shame that hardcore gamers lost this cause due to the "lemmings" that only support madden for the glory days and popularity factor hence the better sales. 2k brought in football with the first nfl 2k, first football game to make you say wow before the rest followed. That's why companies like that are important, new generation, new engines and bar raised. Never seen EA take that first step

mkis0071569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

I tempted fate this past year and bought madden 25...still pissed they suckered me again. Won't be buying it again until some true changes are made. Still pissed the kicked 2k out of the competition with a check.

NFL 2k5 was the last great football game (for the time) Kicked the crap out of maddens offering and for only $19.99!!! I'm still pissed EA got away with doing that.

“The problem is that EA dealt with it instead of coming out with a better product or instead of being more competitive in the price point, then went to the NFL and realized ‘you know what if we buy the exclusive ability to use the NFL team names and logos and player names, offer them a ton of money, we kill the competition that way. We can’t make a better product or we’re not going to try to make a better product, we concede that the 2K series was the better product, so we just killed them,” said Florio.

Boils my blood.

If they ever are allowed to make nfl games again, first thing I do is go buy 2k football.

I still have my copy :)

EDIT: I have a renewed hate for EA...

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