Why Final Fantasy VII is Still the Best RPG Ever Made

The author explains why this legendary RPG is indeed legendary, and why no role-playing game has managed to beat it.

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Codewow1667d ago

I can agree with this article. 7 and X-2 were my all time favorites in the franchise. I just wish X-2 was on steam as well...

crxss1666d ago

FFVII holds an immense amount of nostalgia for me. I could believe it's the best if I ignore everything Square put out for the FF7 compilation

bouzebbal1666d ago

FF7 is special because it is the first commercial FF game that everyone has been talking about. It's an awesome game but to me FF6 is better, i can't explain why.

Aceman181666d ago

For me it will always and forever be FF6 that's the greatest RPG ever created.

Codewow1666d ago

I only enjoyed X-2 because that was the one I played the most after borrowing it from my friend. So my opinion is pretty biased.

sanosukegtr1231666d ago

That was my first rpg game.

Zero-One1666d ago

I still have a problem with VII's ending and Yuffie, but aside from that, I still love the game whether anything likes me doing that or not.

3-4-51666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Can't be the best game ever when you allow one hit kill monsters to block the next village 4 hours into the game.

I was really liking most of it until then.....ALL my motivation for playing completely dropped off.

Not sure why...I wanted to like, but that very moment was like a " WTF...WHY!?"

That part of the game serves no purpose but to add frustration.

It adds to the game in no way, and for it to be THAT EARLY in the game is just a joke.

I'm sure the rest of the game is cool, but when something like that is ALLOWED or chosen to be in a game then it's just too much..

I'm glad it was made for all of you to enjoy or love but it's stuff like that that have me questioning the final fantasy series and just how "great" it really is.

( Part I'm talking about is right after Midgar. You go to a village and right after have to go to the 3rd village on foot or chocobo, but either way a one hit kill monster that kills my entire party FINDS ME EVERY TIME ON MY WAY THERE.....

No matter which route I go, chocobo or no....It finds me...a battle starts...and My team dies.)

^ Literally serves no purpose to any game ever....but or course it was left in the " Greatest game of all time"...

What a joke. Solid game but far from the best.

averagejoe261666d ago

Not sure if you're trolling or just really... And I mean.. REALLY bad at video games... I never had an issue with this part of the game... Neither did any of my friends whom I watched play through the game (and they aren't even big gamers)... Sorry bud

Also, this part does serve a point in the game by showing off Sephiroth's strength when you later realize that tough monster was destroyed by him

3-4-51666d ago

No I'm actually pretty good at almost every game I play. It's literally the only game besides Robocop 3 back on the NES that gave me trouble.

Well Battletoads too I guess, but back then all games were hard. Yea I grew up playing much more difficult games than FF7.

To add more: I was just really frustrated at the time and kind of wanted to get on with the game. Just got out of Midgar and that happened. I was just like " ahh whatever..F this for now."

But I never went back.

Not trolling, just venting. lol

Music, characters & Art Style were awesome to be honest, but that one part in the game was just not needed and at that particular moment in time, it was enough for me to give up on the game. Not sure just is what it is.

I understand this is some people's favorite game of all time.

Viperoholic1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

BTW i do think FF7 and FF8 was the best in the series. FF8 was on par if not better then FF8.

Viperoholic1666d ago

LOL i played this game so much and was so good at it. I replayed it my second time and killed that monster in that part of the game. I just leveled my guys all up to beat him. it was awesome.

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WonderboyIII1666d ago

Grandia and Chrono Trigger are better RPGs

MWH1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

Hello brother,

Chrono Trigger maybe but not Grandia. After you cross to the other side of the wall the excitement starts to fade and that final boss was a joke.

I love Grandia, one of the best rpgs, but not better than FF7 in my humble opinion.

WonderboyIII1661d ago

The light heartedness in comparison to the overcomplex over-sad story made me feel better.

Magicite1666d ago

For me FF9 was the best FF, but best RPG was Chrono Cross.

SegaSaturn6691666d ago

I just played X-2. It was such a joke. I really enjoyed that you could assemble a team of monsters but the story was absolute drivel, so I have mixed feelings on it.

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maniacmayhem1667d ago

It's good and definitely memorable but the best ever?

I think the jump from NES to PS1 made this game a great experience. But when looking back the story had it's flaws and huge plot holes. But there is no denying that gameplay, characters and action was spot on

I think the Tales series has surpassed FF and even FF7. Vesperia and Xillia are some of the best RPG's I played this gen.

And I can't wait for Xillia 2 to come out.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1667d ago

Yea 2013/2014 was me catching up on Tales games. I beat GracesF, Abyss3DS, Vesperia, and Xillia in that order. Vesperia currently is my #1 in the franchise. And while I liked FFXIII I enjoyed the Tales series this gen a lot more.

Nate-Dog1666d ago

I thought Xillia was dire. Vesperia I agree on, however.

King_of_Nothing1666d ago

Xillia didnt do it for me either. Vesperia was amazing though!

-Foxtrot1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

It's good but I think other Final Fantasy games did things better then FF7

It was the first game which evolved the series but lets be honest something like Final Fantasy 8 and even Final Fantasy 9 did things better then Final Fantasy 7

I mean I still think Final Fantasy 8 pretty much took most of the things in FF7 and stepped it up. Better story, better music, better character development etc

I really feel the majority of people who go on about FF7 these days haven't really played it, it's newer gamers hearing about how good FF7 was and are going off what other people have said.

MWH1666d ago

"I mean I still think Final Fantasy 8 pretty much took most of the things in FF7 and stepped it up. Better story, better music, better character development etc"


-Foxtrot1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Why you posting that...sorry but it was a better game

People pretty much hate on FF8 because it wasn't a direct FF7 sequel...that's all, and most people today who haven't even played on it just repeat what they've heard. Most of the things people go on about with FF8 are exaggerated to hell. I'm not saying it's perfect but it does most things better then FF7.

Character development for one, especially Squalls transformation from beginning to end

MWH1666d ago

sorry Foxtrot, you're a nice fellow I even like your avatar but my fellow gamer; I cannot disagree with you more.

FF8 had some charming moments but it's hardly comparable to 7 let alone doing everything better.

I played nearly 200 hours, chocobo world, collected all the cards, proof of omega, name it I done it. but in the end I came to realize that FF8 was lacking in almost every way.. it was:


-Foxtrot1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago ) was hardly lacking, it was full to the brim of things to do. Triple Triad for example was just the tip of the iceberg. There were many things to do.

Nerdmaster1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

"especially Squalls transformation from beginning to end"

I think you meant "from the end of disc 3 to end".

To be fair, I finished VIII but never could endure VII until the end. I think that if they removed Squall, Zell, Selphie, the "plot twist", the long GF animations, and the whole "enemies level up as you do", I could have really liked VIII.

-Foxtrot1666d ago

"I think you meant "from the end of disc 3 to end"."

From Disc 1 to Disc 4 there is massive character development

Disc 1 - Lonely Selfish Jerk
Disc 2 - Has to face up to responsibilities
Disc 3 - Starts to Care for those surrounding him
Disc 4 - A brace heroic leader surrounded by friends.

DashArrivals1667d ago

FF7 was the best game that I'd ever played in my entire life, UNTIL I played Demon's Souls. Can't wait for an eventual FF7-remake