Assassin’s Creed Unity Customization Minigame Shows Weapons and Clothes; Hints at Skin Color Option

Ubisoft launched an Assassin’s Creed Unity minigame that allows you to customize the protagonist Arno Dorian with several options.The minigame is tied to a contest, and the winner will have his own creation featured in a future TV spot for the game, but more interestingly, it includes some customization options that might appear in the game.

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Geekman1567d ago

Skin color option? Wow. You know Ubisoft really does Minigames well. Sometimes I boot up Watch Dogs just to play poker.

bixxel1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

really? poker?

dcj05241567d ago

This must've costed millions to add.

FarEastOrient1567d ago

:) it must've taken a whole staff of programmers to finish /s

ion531563d ago

To be fair, there's no point adding in a woman, because you'll only see yourself as Arno, a guy.

Plus borrowed man animations would look slightly weird to begin with.

Not haveing a woman is not sexist at all. So many games lack the ability to play as a woman and you don't see people screaming about that