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ontinuing where High Moon Studios left off, Rise of the Dark Spark serves as both a prequel to Fall of Cybertron and Age of Extinction. Flipping back and forth between the two universes, the game features the Autobots facing the threat of the dark spark, antithesis of the Matrix of Leadership, along with both Megatron and Lockdown. Rather than being a step forwards however, the game rapidly proves to be a shadow of Fall of Cybertron brimming with lacklustre mechanics and poor design choices.

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Codewow1570d ago

3/10 is a better rating than I can come to expect from these money grabs of games. If a developer was given ample time and a decent budget and the ability to do what they want with a game, we'd probably see at least a 7/10 from these.

It's an epidemic in the industry. Television and Movie producers looking to boost their pay with as many different products as they can.

I am sure most of us here could take Transformers toys and use our imaginations to make a better experience than some of these games.

Hellforged_Savant1570d ago

Honestly the only reason I did not rate it lower was because the voice acting was up to par with previous games, and there were a handful of good moments in the cutscenes. While I wanted to warn people away from Edge of Reality's shovelware, I didn't want to completely overlook the few who had actually put in an effort.

objdadon1570d ago

I bought it day 1 and still didn't open it because for some reason i felt violated when i left the store. I'll be taking it back.

Palitera1570d ago

I always find sad that even experienced players believe these garbage games could be good.
Yes, I'm talking to you, N4G demigods. You guys even believe this next CoD will be different. smh

diesoft1570d ago

This move cash-in trend will never die I'm sad to think.

Prime example I will always remember: The mediocre (or terrible or whatever) Hulk video game from the not-so-good Eric Bana crapfest sold more copies than the far, FAR superior Hulk Ultimate Destruction that did not have a movie to help with its sales. Too bad, too, as that was the best Hulk game I've ever played.